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Thanks and Giving While Traveling

“Travel sparks our imagination, feeds our curiosity and reminds us how much we all have in common.”

~ Deborah Lloyd

It is a privilege to travel and see the world. Not many get the opportunity to explore, the luxury of touring, or the pleasure of adventure. Still, there are plenty who do and can leave a positive impact wherever they go. So, it is important to give back while traveling. There are a variety of ways to show thanks and be generous through our travels.

Now is a perfect time to do so. As we hit dusty trails or marble pathways, we can easily show kindness by giving back and still have a great time while doing it. Such activities can be planned or added along the way in your itinerary to show thanks and be giving while traveling.

Donations. In nations where financial struggles are prevalent and needs are extensive, donations are always welcomed. There are various organizations that incorporate different means of provision for social and environmental activities, one being donations. For non-profits, donations are essentials for activities and operational functions.

Mission and outreach trips and volunteering. This popular and well-known method is offered by many different organizations like schools, churches, and varying non-profits. The advantage of mission and outreach and volunteering is the connection made by helping people. They are as overjoyed as you will be overfilled by blessing others.

Support animal rescues. With the current state of climate change and decreasing populations of numerous wildlife species, it is necessary to protect animal communities. In the majority of popular destinations, you are sure to find wildlife efforts—the Giant Pandas in China, elephants in Thailand, tigers in India... the list can go on.

Buy from local shops and artisans. Step away from the major brands and chain stores to support local small businesses and creatives. This is a great way to support the local economy while at the same collecting some one of a kind items, indulging in local cuisine, and enjoying local traditions.

Be “green” where you go. Respect the environment of the places you’re traveling in. Don’t litter. Recycle. Use biodegradable items where available. What better way to give back than by supporting the sustainability of the local environment?

Share your travel stories and photos. This is beneficial for everyone. Who doesn’t love a good travel photo or story? While we can share with those we meet along the way, I primarily include this method for connecting with friends and family back home. Not everyone can go with you on your travels, so we must not disregard those back home. I enjoy sharing my photos and stories with family and friends through my site and personal videos. For many of them, my experiences are their way of virtual traveling. Sharing about your destination also promotes the local area.

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2 comentários

Britt K
Britt K
21 de nov. de 2019

This is a great post! It's so easy to forget when we're travelling that this isn't just a 'pretty place', it's someone else's home. I love the idea of supporting a local economy as we're travelling by doing our shopping at local shops as opposed to big box stores.


Jennifer Marston
Jennifer Marston
18 de nov. de 2019

I've not done much travelling but I love my holidays - it's so important to give back when you can, to this beautiful world which has given us so much!



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