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Pursue Adventure in Your Life

“Travel broadens our perspectives. Suddenly, the palette with which we paint the story of our lives has more colors.”

~ Rick Steves

When it comes to adventure, many think that you have to wait for that next big thing, the next new month or year, or that big payday to get out and explore. The truth is that to live a beautiful life you must actively pursue adventure. This brings wonder and marvel to your life and makes living more fulfilling. That is not to say you need an epic Pirates of the Caribbean journey. There are plenty of ways and opportunities to choose extraordinary things and engage in life's novelties.

How will you do this though? When we are looking to do new things, incorporate change into our life, or strive for something, we must push ourselves. No one gets anywhere doing the same old thing—especially the same way. That’s insanity! No. We must press outside of our comfort zone and get outside ourselves. This is exactly what adventure allows for and one out of many reasons it's important to pursue adventure in your life.

Adventure frees us to pursue the wonders of the world. To connect with others. To reassess. To grow and discover ourselves. With adventure, we realize that there’s no end to what we can do or learn. The best part, adventures are never boring. They are more than worth taking. They are essential.

Will you jump to take advantage of the 300-plus opportunities to color your life’s annual chapter? I certainly plan to. I love making travel plans. It sparks delight when I just bookmark a place I want to go. Living abroad gave me the chance to broaden my desire for adventure. I may have become more travel-obsessed, looking for that next location to satiate my wanderlust.

One of the things that helps with fostering adventure in my life, is planning for it, big and small. Intentionally creating small moments of wonder by taking a weekday hike, or going to the beach. Building anticipation with quarterly trips, be it a weekend getaway or nice vacation. Making a reservation with myself for this time has been beneficial.

Now, of course, plans don’t always work out. Life happens and the reality of adulthood sets in. There’s work, family, and social life. Responsibilities have their feet right on our coattails. Although I have had the fortune to travel to some great places, I can’t afford to go everywhere my heart desires—at least not yet anyway. I’m sure many of you are in the same boat. So, it's important to consider how you will make your life adventurous when life happens.

In truth, you can pursue adventure from anywhere. You want it? Chase it! You can start with simple day excursions. Take a day to explore your local town. Make it a staycation and check out new developments in the area or a place you have been curious about. Venture to neighboring areas and branch out into bordering cities, states, or countries for the weekend. Work your way up to international travel.

Do you have a travel bucket list? Take your pen out now or open your electronic memo book and write down those destinations. Save. Plan. Schedule. Go. Any trip is worth taking. What will happen when you stay home is certain. Once you step beyond your front door, anything can happen; but you will never know until you go.

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