Travel Essentials for Your Nomadic Lifestyle

With a pocket full of love and a bag brimming with curiosity, it seems like all that’s left to bring is a camera and a chocolate bar, and you’ll be all set for the journey into the unknown. So many things have become simpler with technology, including the idea of traveling the world and working on the go. All you need is a few handy skills, a strong Internet connection, and a laptop to stay connected to the world. However, as a nomad myself, I know the value of a few additional items hidden in your bag.

It doesn’t matter what you choose to do as your mobile career, or where you wish to settle for a while before your travel bug starts wiggling once more, the next set of items are truly must-haves and must-dos for any true working nomad. They’ll help you stay safe, healthy, and well-equipped throughout your entire nomadic career!

Photo by Charles Deloye

Do an internet search

Unless you’re traveling with an unlimited supply of cash, you’ll need to make sure that you are able to work online as you move through your next bucket-list destination of choice. Even in the 21st century, you’ll still come across rural areas with poor Internet coverage, which will either limit the duration of your stay, or your working ability.

So, quite literally, do some homework regarding the available Internet connection in your destination. Maybe this will be the determining factor as to where you’ll stay. For example, Greece is notorious for having an unreliable Internet connection in its coastal areas and islands, so if you’re getting ready for a Greek adventure, do your research!

Photo by Salome Alexa

Look into lifestyle options

Are you a fitness freak like myself, or a lover of vegan cuisine? If you’re on your way to Portugal, for example, you might find yourself struggling to find a decent place for your veggie burger, while Scandinavian countries will have you covered.

A sturdy bag

Now that you know you’re healthy and Internet-equipped, it’s time to choose your travel piece de resistance, which is your bag! Since you’ll keep your laptop, your clothes, and other essentials in there, you should always choose a bag that is both durable, water-resistant, and has enough room for all your must-haves. A compact, but still practical option for minimalist explorers can be the Lifepack bag, while there are larger options out there as well.