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How to Express Thanks in Photography

“Thanksgiving is a time to give, a time to love, and a time to reflect on the things that matter most in life.”

~ Danielle Duckery

The short answer would be, of course, yes! A picture is worth a thousand words after all. It is one of those universal languages, like music that can be understood despite differences in language. There are many things, events, emotions, and an endless assortment of subjects that can be expressed through photography, and “thanks” is no different. “Thankfulness” is in season, and with a day dedicated to thanks, it makes sense that this is an expression that can be captured.

While there are many styles of photography, the photographs that are found to be more gripping are the ones that can be connected with. The ones that evoke feelings, pull out memories, illustrate a journey of overcoming, display a testament of strength—basically, anything and everything, that pulls at the heartstrings. In general, most people become more intrigued by art—and photography is art—when they learn the meaning or purpose behind it. This allows the audience to connect with the piece.

But how can we actually perceive thanks in photos? I feel as though this can be done in two ways: taking a photo that elicits a feeling of thankfulness and one that captures an act for or of thanks. Consider the completed building of a first house or the milestone of a seventieth birthday. Photos of such important events would recall a variety of emotions that would include thankfulness. We might also consider gratitude in this expression as well. Also, take a look at different volunteer or community work or moments of gifting or appreciation. I’m sure we all are grateful for the gifts not only received but the ability to give.

Is there a photo that you are thankful for? How will you show thanks and giving today?

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