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5 Things Anyone Can Do to Prime a Space for Inspiration

“Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.”

~Hazrat Inayat Khan

There are sources of inspiration all around us. We live on such a marvelous planet with vibrant creation and not to mention the rapid innovations with technological advances. It should be easy to get inspired, but sometimes we find ourselves... stuck. There are no sources of inspiration to be found. This is even made harder when looking in places that suck out inspiration. Whatever you do, you need a source of inspiration to provide meaning for your work, passion, and art, so it’s necessary to be able to find, create and primes spaces for inspiration.

As a creative, I find this is especially important. It is critical to have a space that not only allows you to freely work but facilitates your creative efforts. We all should have a space that is like a dedicated sanctuary. A place that gives positive vibes, contains artistic ambiance and is striking to the imagination. Furthermore, is important that your space is primed to fit your individual personality and needs. This can be different things for different people, however, there are five things anyone can do to prime their space for inspiration.

Photo by Samantha Gades

Declutter your area. Nothing sucks out the joy and inspiration out of a room than stuff. Stuff that is sitting, taking up space, and collecting dust. Essentially, it is a burden on the space and it’s a burden on you. Clear out those things that are unnecessary, expired or outdated, and damaged. If they are not adding to your inspiration or creating value, they are a hindrance. Unless you operate in creative chaos, organize your space.

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl

Add life. What I mean by this is to actually add living things to your space. This can be plants, terrariums, aquariums and the like. Having living things in a space encourages positivity, promotes a fostering of growth and development, and nurtures creativity. Personally, I love adding flowers. They are beautiful and act as the perfect accent to a room, plus they give a natural fragrance to my space.

Photo by Jonny Caspari

Add a little bit of art. Making art? Get inspired by art! Art is inspirational! And if you’re in need of inspiration, it makes sense to surround yourself with things that will spark your inspiration. Music. Poetry. Dance. There is enough variety of artistic expression to meet the inspirational needs of everybody and anybody. So, perhaps you need a Bluetooth player in your space. A wall in your room dedicated to canvas prints. A monitor that shows ballet dancers on loop. Whatever you need, get it.

Photo by Keila Hotzel

Splash some color. Unless you’re inclined to black and white (which can surprisingly—not so surprisingly, still be vibrant) add some color to your space. Sometimes a space can become dull and lose its energy over time. In this instance, sometimes the space just needs a splash of color. Colorful curtains, a bold chair, or a unique furniture accent. Paint can give a sense of freshness and newness. You would be surprised how much impact a new paint color will have on a room. And it is a cheaper option to doing a complete overhaul of the room.


Photo by Roberto Nickson

Make it over... when you have to. Strip down the area and make it over from the ground up. New style. New furniture. New curtains. This is generally a last resort when things are just not working out, the atmosphere of the space is off, and no inspiration is being found anywhere. Sometimes the best thing to do is go out with old and in with new. Start over from scratch.

Are you ready to prime your space for inspiration? Let us know if these helped or suggest a few that we should try in the comments below.

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Hello Bexa
Hello Bexa

These are great ideas! I can't focus if my desk is messy so I try to keep things clutter free. And I like to have a few inspirational postcards on my walls to keep me motivated and inspired. Lovely post, thank you for sharing! <3 xx

Bexa |


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