Fun Photo Themes for Fall

"I love how the air changes... you can feel it, you can smell it, and suddenly it is autumn."

~ Melody Lee

I love the change in the air the fall brings. When October hits, it's just like magic fills the air and it becomes the perfect time to try some outlandish and cool ideas that would be crazy any other time of the year. After all, it would be weird to see someone capturing a clown running through the garage in the middle of March. Now, photographers and fellow creatives can indulge those supernatural and dark ideas.

So what kind of ideas can you explore during this time? As many as you want! The timing is perfect and the weather is so nice. It's the perfect time to shoot outside without worrying about the sweltering heat or blistering cold. To be inspired by the warm colors and changing landscape. Here are some fun photo themes for fall that you may want to try.

Photo by Shwa Hall on Unsplash

For the harvest time...

  • Pumpkin Patch

  • Fall Leaves

  • Changing Colors

  • Sunflowers Feilds

  • Hunters and Gatherers

Photo tip: If you are shooting outside or in an area outdoors where you are receiving a lot of light, try to offset or soften the light by creating a photo box with curtains or chiffon fabric. Better yet, if you have a portable V-flat, reflectors, or even just a polyboard (i.e. a white/ black poster board), put them to use to bend the light.

Photo by Salvador Altamirano on Unsplash

For celebrating the dead...

  • Day of the Dead

  • Momento Mori

  • All Hallows Eve

Photo tip: Work with what you or your client has. You don't need to go on a shopping spree (unless you can) for props. Try to put some compositing to use.

Photo Halanna Halila