5 Ways to Capture Safe at Home

“There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself.” ~ Ernst Haas

For many photographers, our photo sessions have been interrupted or brought to a screeching halt. Whether professional or hobbyist, our usual habits and practices with our craft have now been disrupted or nearly stopped. However, just because we may be stuck at home, restricted by practicing social distance, does not mean the creating has to end. This is not the time to put down the camera, but a time to develop and expand.

This post will touch on ways to capture safely at home. Before I dive too deep into that topic though, I do want to interject in regard to business.

For those who use photography as their sole income or even as an alternative income, I relate to seeing a notable decrease and stop, during this time. While this is saddening, I do want to encourage you (along with myself) to not lose hope. This is a testing time for all businesses, and we all are doing the same thing in frantically searching to fix our financial situation. I want to recommend a few things to consider.

Don’t fall for every marketing scheme circulating. Hold on investments until you are financially stable. There are different guidelines depending on your location, social interacting, or even economic reopening. Be cognizant before opening your studio or continuing sessions. Make informed decisions. There is still potential to supplement income through future booking reservations, print sales, art sales, and writing.

Now let’s get back to the craft.

Photography is an art and a skill that can be enjoyed and refined, even in the comfort of home. Practice is always beneficial. Ensuring that you maintain a practice ritual will have you coming out of your home better than before. Here are five ways you can capture safe at home.

Stepping outside

Sometimes we’ll find inspiration as close as our front porch. Even if you don’t live in the suburbs, near a park, or even by a farm, you’ll find that nature always has a way of showing up.

Telling home stories

Photography records as well as creates. This can be done in many fashions and styles. Get your camera and document your day if you live alone or follow your families around the house during the day capturing what they do. Remember to think beyond just capturing actions but also moments of interest, moments that reflect expression and moments that capture

Conquering the self- portrait

Speaking of recording your day if you live alone, if you do live that single life, try your hand at capturing the daunting self-portrait. For many photographers, it feels weird to be put in front of the camera and for some artists in general it can be uncomfortable being the main subject. However, there are various stand-out artists, such as Brooke Shaden, who have excelled at self-portraiture, making it the center of their work. It will give you not only a challenge but also create an interesting process of self-learning.

Be the foodie

We all know a person who photographs what they eat. Well, now you can be that person in the privacy of your own home. Food photography will give you an opportunity to practice not only lighting techniques but angles and arrangements.

Still life

Still life is a classic style and can be fashioned for flat lays, products, and more styles. Still life is a great way to practice your understanding and application of composition and the elements of photography. See how inventive and original you can get with your photography.

What do you think of these methods? Will you be trying some at home? If you’re ready to start your practice ritual, check out this FREE Checklist for practicing your photography at home.

At-Home Photo Practice Checklist

Bonus tip: Collect your ideas for future sessions that you want to try in a notebook.

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