Boudoir Looks for Everyone and Anyone

"Sexuality is less about the actual act of having pretty good sex...much more about surrounding yourself with an ever simmering sensual energy, pulsing just underneath your daily life and infusing almost everything you do."

~ Sera Beak

Are you hesitant about boudoir? Don't worry, many are. The photography genre is shrouded in rumors and taboos and it doesn't help if a person gets paired with a shady photographer!

Capturing boudoir is always interesting to me because it's as much as encouraging confidence and empowerment in front of and off the camera as it is breaking down these social assumptions and misunderstandings. Boudoir is more than the body and simply being sexy. As an art form, it extends to experience, authenticity, and power. There is so much we are capable of and so much beauty in our being; sometimes it just takes being behind camera and viewing oneself through another's eyes (or lens) to realize it.

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A common misconception when it comes to boudoir photography is what to wear. Clothing is an integral part of our lives, after all, we wear clothes every day. The right outfit can change our mood, boost our confidence, exude authority, or gives us that extra oomph we need for the day- the same goes for boudoir photography. Some are very hesitant just because they think they have to be nude or be in lingerie and that is simply not the case.

Boudoir follows the notion of the quote from the beginning of this post. Boudoir highlights and captures the sensual energy that exists within you (within everyone) that emanates charm, confidence, and command. So how does this relate to looks? Consider the "look" the packaging or icing on the cake that is unstoppable and insurmountable you. When you are having a boudoir photo session done, you want to feel your best and comfortable and that is where your look comes into play. You can do traditional lingerie or delve into cosplay. Here are a few boudoir looks for everyone and anyone to try for their next boudoir photo session.

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The Nude

Certainly, you could go nude, but you can also simply wear your favorite nude or color-matching ensemble. As nude works as a neutral color, this look can pair well with any set you want to have your boudoir session in.

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The Bodysuit

A cult favorite, the bodysuit, in any style, shoots well. It's simple and classic but can still be jazzed up with different styles. Pair with an elegant coverup or bold jewelry. In this manner, it can work well for those whose tastes are daring to those whose tastes are more modest. It's perfect for creating that beautiful hourglass shape and as the average person tends to have tummy-concerns, this number can fix that up quickly.


The Little Black Dress

Every woman ought to have a little black dress. This is a timeless piece that easily moves between classic and contemporary. It may just be the icon for female sensuality. Put on a bold red lip and red bottoms! This will be an image you want to brag about all the time!

Photo from VOGUE Russia, 2018

The Button Up

This is such a comfy look! A blend of simple, minimalist, and subtle sensuality. Short or oversized, this look is great for my fellow reservationists, homebodies, and introverts. We have so much energy on the inside that is undeniably attractive. The mystery makes this look even more striking.

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The Silk Slip