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5 Reasons to Have a Boudoir Photoshoot

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.”

~ Sophia Loren

A woman scantily dressed. Lingerie. Ladies in bedrooms posing all sexy with their hair and makeup done. Is this what comes to mind when you hear the word “boudoir”? It is true, that some boudoir photography is like this, but it’s more than posing “pretty.” Lace, bedsheets, and hair flips are nice, but soul-bearing, restoration, and embracing scars are a whole lot better.

Boudoir photography is an incredible niche of photography that captures the beauty of an individual in an intimate setting. Typically, this style of photography is ascribed to women and carries the negative connotation of overt sensuality and sexuality. While boudoir photography can be extremely sexy because of course, women—any woman—can be sexy, boudoir photography also explores the additional facets of womanhood and femininity. It carries an effect that extends beyond simply being pretty to promoting confidence, self-empowerment, and more. So, among the many fun reasons to do a boudoir shoot, let’s look at five reasons to have a boudoir photoshoot now.

Photo by DeMorris Byrd

Release your authentic self.

The style of boudoir photography, while it can be glamorous and fun, strips down the subject, literally and figuratively. This is not the kind of photography where you may feel the need to be something you’re not. The most beautiful images carry authenticity to invoke emotion, inspiration, and accomplishment with the final image.

Your authenticity is your armor against the world and there are many reasons for this, but not enough space or words; so, trust me on this. Being real with yourself and others should not be scary. Being fake serves no purpose and your photographer does not want to see it in his or her work. In your session, you have the freedom to be yourself. Your photo should remind you of how beautiful, strong, and confident you are!

Photo by Giudo Fua

Meet your beauty in vulnerability.

The meaning of the word boudoir presses upon the subject being vulnerable with the medium (camera), the artist (photographer) and the audience (either the subject or person bestowed a gift by the subject). Vulnerability is relatable and beautiful. If the subject, (i.e. our beautiful lady) cannot be relatable or vulnerable with themselves, the disconnect translates to the image.

It’s typical to enter your session excited or nervous and either way is okay. When you leave, though, you should be ready to conquer the world. You have been set up by your glam squad, posed beautifully from head to toe by your photographer, and you have been cheered on the entire time. Nothing can stop you. All it takes sometimes is a photo to remind yourself of how powerful and enchanting you are.

Photo by HuaHua Inc

Create in a comfortable space.

When one thinks of photography, one might envision a full studio with bright lights, bustling studio hands, and an eccentric photographer, probably with a scarf. You might also paint a reverse image with a young aloof photographer operating a mobile phone camera. Neither sounds comfortable.

Since boudoir photography is intimate in style, the photographer should ensure comfort, dispel awkwardness and anxiety, create a welcoming atmosphere, and promise privacy among other things. When everyone is comfortable and has a positive attitude, the session runs smoothly.

Photo by McAuliffe

Empower yourself!

There are a variety of things that help restore confidence, boost self-esteem and empower self. Boudoir photography is one of them. Who wouldn’t feel great after being papered and dressing up—for you! Sometimes we need a confidence or self-esteem booster, or a reprieve from our everyday life, and boudoir sessions allow for just that. No matter how you feel coming in, you leave feeling great!

Photo by Timofey Urov

Turn yourself into art.

It has been a long-standing tradition to make people the main subject of a composition, or artwork. Ever wonder why selfies are so popular to the point of obsession? Millennials did not start this trend; nor did it begin during the period of humanism when artists were captivated by the human form.

We can look back to antiquity to find how humanity was fascinated with itself as an intellectual being, and primarily as God’s creation. This fascination was expressed in anthropomorphized deities, visual storytelling, marble statues, illustrations, and more.

If we turn this away from a presumed collective pride moment, we can look at self-portraits as a form of healing, headshots as a way of reflection, fine art portraiture as proof of accomplishment, and boudoir as a celebration of the inner man or woman. Too deep? Do it to try something different. What other time will you be the subject of awe and wonder?

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