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An Unconventional Holiday Gift Guide for Your Photography Friend

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“Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle.”

Holiday shopping can either be a lot of fun or super stressful. Did we pick the right gift? Will it fit? Can they use it? Who needs three dozen socks anyway?! Most of the time, we do try to personalize gifts, giving our special someones something they either want, need, or can treasure; and we can follow this same idea with gifting our photography friends.

Lens, filters, camera straps. It’s easy to gift our photography friends gear. They’ll always need gear and let’s face it. Photography gear—most technology—tends to be a bit expensive. So, going out and buying your friend the latest and greatest is always wonderfully kind. Everyone, though, doesn’t have that kind of budget and that’s where we can get innovative in our gift-giving.

Start thinking of unique and helpful gifts your photography friend will love. As a photographer, I can attest to photography extending beyond the lens. It is all the things we use in our setup, to things that we can even imagine or often forget.

Some unconventional gifts for photography friends you might consider do depend on not only your friend’s personality but style of photography. If you are not sure where to begin or need some ideas to get those gifting juices flowing, here are some unconventional gifts that you may want to check out.

For the Creative Photographer

The creative photographer is always looking at neat tips and tricks to be innovative with their craft. They’re the experimenter who you probably see hanging upside down out of a tree shooting through a mason jar. For this photographer, you may consider these items...

  • A backdrop canvas either painted or one that they can paint (DIY)

  • A sketchbook and pens

  • Notebooks to help with photoshoot planning

  • A book by a creative photographer

  • A unique calendar or planner

  • Wallpaper sheets that they can use when making creative content such as flat lays

  • A beautiful mug for them to enjoy their favorite hot beverage.

You may want to even gift them something they can put up on their own walls to adorn it and keep them inspired. If your photography friend enjoys travel, animals and fine art consider gifting them with one of our fine art photographic prints.

For the Technical Photographer

The technical photographer is usually knowledge-focused and investigates methods and techniques used by masters that has been tried, tested, and found true. This friend you might find nose-deep in the latest tutorial. For this photographer friend, you might consider getting them...

  • A Masterclass

  • A subscription to or class from creative learning platforms like Skillshare or Creative Live

  • Technical cheat sheets that they can slip into their camera bag for things like ISO, shutter speed, and aperture

  • Posing cards that they can use for reference in photo sessions

  • A minimalist planner

For the Adventurous Photographer

The adventurous photographer is your explorer and a world observer. This is the photographer friend who’s outside most of the time. They are going to zoos, parks, and aquariums. They are traveling and following their wanderlust. So, they might be interested in...

  • A day admittance or annual pass to a park, zoo, or aquarium

  • A backpack with a lot of pockets

  • An eco-friendly water container

  • Fingerless sports grips

  • A good pair of socks (like compression socks)


Photography may not seem active, but no matter the style your photographer friend is moving. So, this means there is a strain on the body. See how your friend feels about massages and gift them with a spa day.

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Michelle Rose Gast
Michelle Rose Gast
Nov 09, 2021

Thank you!! My cousin is a photographer, and my Mom likes taking photos as well!


Miranda R.
Miranda R.
Nov 09, 2021
Replying to

That's great! I hope this helps you with gifting for them 😊


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