A Romantic Fairytale Photo Shoot

"She was an adventure in a world that had stopped believing in fairytales."

~ Angel Lindberg Vazquez

You can live your life how ever you'd like. Why not try living as if you were in a fairytale? Fairytales do not end with childhood, in fact, they become even more of necessity with adulthood, allowing the mind to wander, marvel and escape.

The magic is in the details, in the escape, in the solace. The simplest things making life all the more grand. The lessons of fairytales also prevail because underneath the magic and fantastical elements are virtues and principles that still reign true.

Of course, we can simply fall into enchanted worlds for the joy of it. It's always fun to dress up, to let that inner child run free.

In fact, there are many things to enjoy about romanticized and fairytale-inspired shoots. One of the things I appreciate most is the escape. As adults, sometimes we need an escape from reality, to be reminded of ideals, or to let the mind rest in a better hope; and, in doing so, we might even discover more about ourselves.

How we show up in our romanticized worlds, how we see ourselves in a different perspective has resounding joyous outcomes. If not for encouraging us to do more, to be brave in being ourselves. Bringing us back to elements of truth in fairytales. Enchantment is beautiful, but the authenticity underneath is the true draw

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We can aspire to be more. We can be more intentional and mindful in how we live our lives. Our greatest art project, life, can be anything we want to make it.

Where will you find magic?

Try creating some photo magic with me. Book a consultation to see if the experience is for you or to simply learn more at miranda@thisisadnarim93.com.

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