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The Night Before Your Photo Shoot

"When I make my clients smile that's real success."

At this point, you are pretty much all set for your photoshoot tomorrow. You've gone through the planning, the styling, and the price menu. You know where you need to go and you've checked in with your photographer to verify your session tomorrow. You're almost there, but before you settle in for the night there are just a few things you need to do the night before your photo session so you are all set to take off with no worry.

What would you need to do the night before? Think back to those times of getting ready for school or even currently getting ready for work. You want everything laid out and checked off for a seamless start to your routine the next the day and the same for getting ready for your photoshoot.

The night before your photoshoot you want to go over your packing list and make sure everything is in your bags or suitcase. Depending on the type of session you're having, you want to make sure you have everything you need in order to achieve that desired look. Check off outfits, shoes, and accessories. I cannot tell you how many forget about little things such as earrings or undergarments.

Make sure to input the address of the photography studio into your phone or GPS. You may even want to estimate how long it will take to arrive. Set alarms to be up on time, so not only do you reach your destination on time, you don't get lost along the way.

Do a little self-care. By this I mean give your body a little TLC. I always recommend getting a professional facial or massage a day or two before a shoot, particularly for contemporary glam sessions, so your body is primed and face glowing the next day. If you are unable to, you can always create a little "me time" at home, doing an at-home facial, nail-prep, and skincare.

I do not recommend getting a chemical peel right before a photoshoot because not only will the skin be sensitive, you wouldn't want to apply make-up afterward either. Stick to brightening and nourishing masks such as sheet-maks and derma-infusion. You may also want to try scrubs and masks for your hands. Sometimes, it's forgotten how much hands are used in posing. Check nails and hand care off.

Get your beauty sleep! I cannot stress this enough. Sleep has a tremendous impact not only on appearance but overall well-being. You don't want to fall asleep halfway through your session or have a grumpy spell. Get those eight hours so you are fully well-rested.

Night-Time Photo Ready Check List

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