What to Bring on Your Next Flight

"Plane ticket is the answer. Who cares what the question is."

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After flying for ages (not literally, but you know what I mean), and experiencing everything, but an emergency landing, I've come to realize that there are some items that I just cannot forget to bring on the plane with me. Sure, I can pack anything I want into checked baggage, but I can't get to it mid-flight. Flights can put you through a roller-coaster and unless you plan on sleeping the entire way, you will want to have a few things packed.

I’ve compiled a list of what to bring on your next flight. It includes general items that are great for any flight, be it 19 hours or three. All of it has the convenience of fitting into your carry-on. Matter of fact, the first thing unofficial item on my list is a carry-on. While we may not want to be boggled down on our flights, it never fails to have a reasonably-sized carry-on. After all you will need a smart carry-on to store these necessities. When all else fails, make sure you at least have these....


Get yourself a pack of these. One, because the chewing helps with ear popping as the air pressure changes in the cabin for take-off and landing. Two, breath precaution (You already know). Lastly, you don’t have to worry about spitting it out and getting the wrapper stuck in your pocket (or hiding it in the back seat of an airplane) since it dissolves.

Offline Media

You’ll need something to entertain yourself, if you do not sleep most of the time—or the whole time. You can't rely on data in the air. Download TV series or movies for offline watching, but just make sure you have enough storage space. You’ll get through a huge chunk of a long flight watching the Lord of the Rings series or Hobbit, even all the Fast and Furious movies. Personally, I download a Korean drama. By the time I’ve reached my destination, I’ve finished an entire season. Not a fan of movies, or don’t want to download? Bring a book (physical or an e-reader). Tote a couple, or an Eldest-sized book.

Tech Backups

Make sure to have all of your chargers and cords. Don’t be that person running around the airport looking for a charger, or asking everyone, “Hey, can I borrow your charger?” Throw in a power pack as well and you’ll be good to go. Yes, some planes now have charger locations, but carrying a personal charging pack is added security. Also, it's good to have storage backups, if for instance you are vlogging on board.

Toiletry Set

Seriously, no matter what flight you have, bring a toiletry set. You do not want to get caught in an extended layover, a missed layover, or an overnight stay without one. Make sure it’s packed with travel size everything—toothbrush, toothpaste, powder, deodorant, tide packet. Ladies—cleansing facial wipes, moisturizer and BB cream (if you don’t already have your beauty products in another bag). Bonus. You may want to throw in a second pair of underwear, T-shirt that goes with anything and a thin pair of pants, if you know your flight has a layover. Just in case. Roll it up and throw it in the bag. This is particularly good for international flights as I had the unfortunate of course of an unexpected detour after 13 hours in air.


Sure the plane gives you snacks, meals even, if you’re on an international flight. But peanuts do not compare with chocolate covered pretzels, Recess or other favorite snacks. When I got stuck on the tarmac for nearly 5 or so hours in Seoul, I was dying for a Midnight MilkyWay. Don’t get hangry. Pack a snack.


Bring the necessary medicine. I have horrendous allergies and severe motion sickness; so, traveling can either go very well or horribly wrong. I wouldn’t be able to get through a plane ride without Dramamine or my allergy medicine. Make sure to bring enough of whatever medication you need for those chance landings.

Flying is not easy for everyone, so it’s great to come prepared. Better that you arrive a happy camper at your destination. These are my must-haves that make flying a little easier. What are yours? Do we share some of the same? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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