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Macau Getaway and a Typhoon

When desiring a last-minute getaway during my time in Shanghai, what better place to go than the international playground of Macau, the Vegas of the East? But things didn’t quite go according to plan… typhoons do that.

While working in Shanghai, I had many opportunities to travel. On one, I went on a trip to Macau with a colleague, and it was much needed and well earned. I had not been on a true getaway since arriving in Shanghai—minus returning home, three or four times. The escape was long overdue. It was so chill and relaxing, I could almost forget about the impending typhoon and the disarray it caused. Almost.

MGM Macau
Mobile Photo Across the MGM Macau Hotel

Flying in from Shanghai, it completely slipped my mind that the flight would be considered international. An in-flight course came pleasantly by surprise. Of course, I did get stopped going through airport security. My colleague didn’t believe me when I told her I get stopped all the time going through the airport. They took my carry-on bag to the side and went through every pocket. There was nothing to be stopped for this time, but the lady behind the monitor was adamant I had something questionable in my bag—I did not.

So after the security delay and coffee at Wagas, we were off. The landing was smooth and the ride to the hotel easy. Our stay at the Sheraton Grand Macau Hotel was wonderful. Every staff member we encountered was friendly and helpful, and it was nice to be on a thick mattress again.

I had a prepared list of things I wanted to see and places to visit that drastically shrunk as places closed down in threat of a typhoon that only turned over a leaf. We ventured to the Village of Taipa and briefly found the Rua do Cunha— in time to see the gates of closing shops. The front of the Wynn Palace—to look at the cable car and still lake waters. The City of Dreams Theater to walk into the reception for The House of Dancing Water Show—to get a refund on the show. The Casino— to get carded.

Despite this, the time was still well spent and we had a great time enjoying each other's company through the chaotic typhoon close. The trip did have to be reorganized with an indoor focus. This meant indoor indulgences and explorations of everything that was bridged together on the strip. So, where did we go?

Wing Lei Bar, Wynn Palace, Macau
Mobile Photo of Wing Lei Bar, Wynn Palace, Macau

Day one for me included an Herbal Bath and a Yin/Yan Facial at Shine Spa at the Sheraton—this was everything. The facilities were superb and the treatments amazing. I had my own private sauna before my treatments. The attendant, the sweetest Thai auntie, served me ginger tea with a baked organic treat while bathing. I felt like a princess.

With a failed viewing of The House of Dancing Water show, we wandered into the Wynn Palace Hotel, a place that exuded luxury. Walking down a lavish hallway with white columns, mirrors, and crystal chandeliers, a combination of coquettish interior and European influence, it was captivating. We discovered a posh bar inside the hotel that I had actually wanted to check out, the Wing Lei Bar. Modeled after a jewelry box, the interior design gave the feeling of being in a lantern. We had the place by ourselves for a while and chalked it up with the bartender and hostesses, who were really nice and easy to chat with.

Grand Canal Shops, Venetian, Macau
Mobile Photo in Grand Canal Shoppes

What would a visit to Macau be without visiting the shops? We walked through just about everything in glorious window shopping mode. It was totally worth it though. We discovered many cute shops. There was even a Lush store—which I didn’t even know we had back in Florida.

When I knew we were headed to Macau, the top of my must-see list included seeing the Grand Canal Shoppes. In fact, I would have been content just seeing that for the whole trip. It was everything I expected. Everything was so bright and colorful. We waited to ride the gondolas—for a ridiculous price I must add, but hey, had to do it once; and collected tokens from the Venetian.

And, of course, there was food. The first night, we took advantage of the seafood hotpot buffet at Xin and the breakfast buffet at Feast the morning after next, which had a free flow of champagne and some dog-on-good barbecue chicken. Plans for dinner at a Portuguese restaurant the next night changed to an Italian one with places closing early which appeased my pasta and bread cravings.

Seafood hotpot, Xin, Macau
Mobile Photo at Xin

All in all, this was a great trip, from evening walks on the closing strip to the window shopping. The weather did not damper our enthusiasm. This will certainly not be my last trip to Macau. I’ll see it again and hopefully, next time I will be able to check off every item on my list.

To see more pictures from my trip, check them out here.

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