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It's All About Mom

"A mom loves you first and then forever."

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When it comes to sessions with kids and their parents, I have a soft spot for moms. I just love seeing all the love and attention mom gets before, during, and after their Mother's Day photos session. Normally, people think that sessions with kids go swimmingly and they do- with a touch of delightful chaos. It's the random zooms, the wrestling, the silly faces, and the zoning out. There's a moment of frazzlement in the middle of it, but as a teacher for nearly a decade now, I always implore to let kids be kids. It will be all right; and sometimes, the best image comes out of the chaos.

Immediately, when Daniela and her little ones came into my home studio they saw the aquariums of fish and dashed straight to it. Their little eyes and fingers going like they were at an aquarium; and, let me not mention the cat and bunny. It was close to Easter when they came in, so the Easter candy was also out. Let's just say they were not missing anything.

But, between being scooped up in mommy's arms and wrestling each other, beautiful images were captured and they resembled their mom so much from expressions to mannerisms. Capturing their time here in black and white, I felt added a touch of timelessness the joy of being a mom has.

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