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Having Fun with Fabrics

Last year, I worked on a mini-project. That was to work with fabrics and get the hang of a "fabric flow" utilizing natural light. This was to force myself to keep creating, even when I wasn't inspired or motivated because it does happen. The creative juices dry up, but then I still need to get behind the camera. My project was to be my driving force to get out there and shoot.

I also used this as an opportunity to challenge myself. Working within the same concept for a year can come with periods of disinterest, so I needed to practice how to navigate during that time. Working with fabrics also presented interesting challenges of light, setup, and composition.

Last year has come and gone and it was a lot of fun getting out there maneuvering through fabrics. My aim for most of last year was to get my subject between breezes, and shoot through the fabric, and can't believe I hadn't done this sooner.

I'm continuing to work with fabrics this year and see how I can really get outside the box aside from using natural elements and incorporating artificial light.

How would you like to have some fun with fabrics? You can join my #photoprojectseries before the year is up. Just send me an email at and we'll get started on your fabric fun.

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