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7 Beautiful Photo Gifts for Christmas

"Remember when the stockings are hung, the presents opened, and hot cocoa sipped, the day is done, but the memories last forever."

‘Tis the season... for family and friends, fellowship and good food, and, of course, gifts. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? If not, no worries. I have you covered with seven beautiful photo gifts just in time for Christmas.

One of the marvelous things about photography is that they can evoke a variety of feelings. The sentiment of mementos. You can look at a photo and be taken back in time. Remember that first Christmas as a couple. A child’s first taste of a candy cane. That major vacation after a big promotion. Photos become our tangible moments of time and they make for wonderful gifts.

Accordion Books (Big or small)

Accordion books look great on fireplace mantels, bookshelves, and counters. Collect your photos into a neat assortment that catches the eye.

Boxed Prints

Craft a lovely wooden box and place your favorite photos inside. Get the kids involved and even make it an activity by allowing them to decorate in their own Christmas fashion.

Custom Albums or Books

Gather your favorite photos into an album collection or book. Design it from the cover to the paper type to create an entirely bespoke gift.


Put all of your best moments together in a collage. Work around a theme or be as eclectic as you like.

Blocks and Lights

Yes, you can transform your photos into blocks and lights. Make a statement with a glass or acrylic photo block or glass etched lights or lamps

Classic Ornate Frame

Silver and gold... Nothing is quite as beautiful as a classic ornate, embellished frame. Frame a beautiful print to adorn your wall.


Photos can be transformed into anything, including ornaments! Deck your trees with photographic moments. Start a tradition and mark the years with a new one each Christmas.

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Photos do not lose their value. In fact, they increase over time. You can create meaningful gifts that your family and friends will love and cherish for years to come. What will you create?

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