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10 Photographers Whose Feeds I Admire

"Don't use social media to impress people; use it to impact people."

~ Dave Willis

I was really close to titling this article, "Photographers I'm Currently Obsessed With," but thought that might be a little over the top and didn't want to sound like an Instagram stalker. However, I do absolutely love the work created by the photographers I'm sharing below and simply adore their Instagram feeds.

When deciding who to follow on different social media platforms, it's important to look to those accounts that have a positive impact, whether this is creative curiosity, authentic affirmations, and meaningful missives. The accounts should be good for your mind.

There are many accounts that fill my Instagram feed, and other social accounts, with good vibes. As a creative, I tend to follow accounts that inspire me, push my artistic thinking, and soothe my spirit. Here are ten photographers whose feeds I admire.

Lopes is a portrait photographer working in Arizona. He is an associate photographer with Sue Bryce (who I love) and creates simply stunning images. Something that I really like about his work, is how he incorporates his culture (a proud Brazilian) and love of music. Photography brings a combination of experiences and passion and Lopes does a fantastic job of that.

Photo by Gerson Lopes

D'Artagnan is a photographer based in Jackson, Mississippi. While his portfolio is superb, it was his natural light portraits of black women that drew me in. He does an excellent job capturing their beauty in tones and being tastefully sensual. The images are usually paired with positive messages, going against the grain of how black women are portrayed in mainstream media.

Photo by D'Artagnan

If you aren't familiar with Suh's TikToks, you should stop and go follow him now. It is an overload of body positivity, confidence-boosting, and smiles. There is no way to not feel good about taking photos with him, and this is what I like. From behind the scenes and educational snippets on posing, you can tell that he is committed to having his clients show up as their best selves behind the lens.

Photo by David Suh

Now, Cesarini is not a portrait photographer, but if you have read enough of my posts, you know I find inspiration everywhere particularly in nature. Cesarini is a travel photographer who takes stunning images from all around the world. I literally feel transported from my phone when looking at his photos. They are not only inspiring, stirring my mind when it comes to color and light, but soothing in composition

Photo by Filippo Cesarini

Dee is another photographer I came across who has fun and engaging Tik Toks, showing behind the scenes of her creative process. She is based in Orlando, Florida, and does a lot of work with beauty, headshot, and fashion photography. I love how colorful and bright her work is.

Photo by Jessie Dee

The husband and wife duo behind Creative Soul Photography is kind of what I hope my future looks like. Their artistic photo composite portraits are incredible! They are based in Atlanta, Georgia and the creative direction is completely in pocket. It truly is a fully designed vision and teamwork, from hair and make-up to the final composite image. Little black girls and boys don't often see themselves positively in art and media, and their work changes this.

Creative Soul Photography has a photo book celebrating black beauty. The photos are a collection of young black girls in natural hairstyles and period clothes. The early years of childhood are so vital in shaping the character, confidence, and capacity of kids. To be able to be captured in images like the one below are impactful, inspiring, and memorable.

Photo from Creative Soul Photography

Smith is a self-taught travel and adventure photographer from Crested Butte, Colorado. He does photography and film. There is something tranquil and calming about his work that makes me want to move into a cabin in the middle of nowhere, where I can curl up with my camera and coffee in a comfy blanket.

Photo by Forrest Smith

Shaden is a fine art photographer and artist with a passion for storytelling. I could not adequately sum the stories and meaning she places in her work. She has a knack for creating a duality in her pieces with an abutment between light and its absence. Shaden has educational videos on Youtube and Creative Live. She is a different kind of educator--in a good way! Her focus is less technical and more feeling, which matches her style. There's always more behind the image. Much of her is introspective and gets you thinking.

Photo by Brooke Shaden

Another photographer and filmmaker. Chin is well known for his action-adventure style photographs and work with National Geographic. I live virtually through his photos and film feel like his work would represent my photo alter ego. While I move a lot for photos, I am nowhere near this active, scaling mountains and snowboarding while balancing a camera. His photos encourage me to be adventurous and brave and push my limits, although I won't be climbing Everest anytime soon.

Photo by Jimmy Chin

I happily stumbled across Sverrir when building my travel bucket list. He is a photographer from Rekjavik, Iceland, and photographs the naturally captivating landscape of Iceland, along with food and portraits. Landscape is his primary work and it gets my travel bug going. The landscape of Iceland is so ethereal. His work is interestingly powerful and muted at the same time.

Photo by Sverrir

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