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How to Romanticize Your Life with Photography in 3 Ways

"Art and love are the same thing: it's the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you."

~ Chuck Klosterman

What does it mean to romanticize your life? You may see content that highlights things like candles, silk clothing, picnics, and bubble baths, but to romanticize your life goes beyond things into a lifestyle. One that emphasizes love, wonder, and adventure, so life can be enjoyed and lived.

Romanticizing your life helps you create beauty in the grandest art project you have—your life. It transforms the mundane into the magical. There are many ways to start romanticizing your life and as a photographer, I find none quite as fun as the snap of a camera. Here is how you can romanticize your life through photography in three ways.

Be Beautifully Captured in Portraits

One of the most immediate and best ways to romanticize your life is to become the main character yourself and step in front of the camera. For some, this might be intimidating and for others not so much. Whether you are terrified or excited by being photographed, if you are getting photographed you are intentionally creating a beautiful moment for yourself.

The process of being photographed is a very present moment. You are focused on creating something beautiful, a good work. The wonderful thing is that you can be anything behind the lens, authentically you or imaginatively another aspect of yourself. The human existence is multifaceted, and you can be whoever whenever you want, and a photograph makes it easier.

Go Out and Take Pictures of Things You Find Beautiful, Interesting, and Wonderful

Photographing is a brilliant mindful practice that makes romanticizing your life simple. Romanticizing includes appreciating small moments, making the ordinary extraordinary, and cultivating a well-lived life. Photography encompasses this. Behind the camera, you can foster positive feelings, get inspired through wandering, get connected, and find moments of joy.

Making photography a daily practice can profoundly impact your life for the better. It will remind you to see not only the beauty in yourself but in life around you. Pick up a camera and go explore and wonder.

Collect Photos That Resonate with You

Photos are ultimately art and art can be whatever we make it. As in the words of Picasso, “wipe the dust off daily life.” It is a universal language that can resonate with the audience that finds meaning, joy, and beauty in it. Discover photos that you love. Collect them in albums. Adorn your wall. Turn the photos that resonate with you into keepsakes.

3 ways to romanticize your life with photography; How to romanticize your life with photography in 3 ways
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Romanticizing life makes every day magical and beautiful. Adding photography can help you romanticize your life. Be the subject of stunning photos. Get outside and take pictures of everything that you find beautiful, interesting, and wonderful. Collect the photos that mean something to you. See how photography can romanticize your life.

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