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3 Reasons to Not Get a Boudoir Photoshoot

“It’s not about seducing men, it’s about embracing womanhood.”

~ Dita Von Teese

Boudoir photography is a unique style of photography. Lately, it has grown considerably in popularity as more are realizing the special impact and influence boudoir photography has outside of celebrating the human body, or even over sexualizing it. There are a variety of reasons to have a boudoir photography session from embracing one’s own authenticity to healing after a trauma. If you are interested in more, you should check out this post on 5 Reasons to Have a Boudoir Photoshoot.

While the reasons for a shoot are plentiful, there are still times where one should not have a boudoir photo session. Just like when making any decision to do something, you want to make sure it’s something you genuinely want to invest in. A boudoir session is no small feat and you want it to be a memorable, empowering, and beautiful experience. Here are 3 reasons to not get a boudoir photoshoot.

If you’re feeling obligated.

Anything you do should not feel like an obligation, least of all getting your photo taken. Sometimes, we might feel pressed to do something, whether at the insistence of a significant other, FOMO or even being swept away by really good marketing. The point of the matter is, do the shoot because you want to and for no other reason. You’re the one under the lens.

To try and keep a significant other.

Among the many reasons one might get a photograph is taking photos for someone else. In boudoir photography, we see these sessions produce beautifully crafted albums and wall art as gifts for significant others. This is perfectly fine! After all, who wouldn’t want a sexy photo of their partner right? The problem comes in though when the photos are used to hang on a toxic, destructive, or ending relationship.

I say, significant other because men also have boudoir sessions done as well. In both cases, when a relationship is over, it is best to let it go. While boudoir photos can spice things up, it’s not the glue holding everything together. Your photos should not be a plea, but something that is celebrated and expression of love and commitment in your relationship. It’s not the photo that makes the relationship, but the individuals in it.

If you’re not paired with the right photographer.

We hear the word “chemistry” or “energy” in photography when we’re talking about our subjects, clients, or models. Chemistry, or energy, brings that extra spark and gives that little bit of extra to a photograph. While this needs to exist between the individuals in the photo, this also needs to exist between photographer and subject. Consider it as picking the right partner to work with you.

While we like to think of the photographer as a silent observer, this is not true in all cases, especially when it’s the photographer and one subject. I’m not saying you should make googly eyes at your photographer, but I am saying that there should be some level of comfort and engagement. In one-on-one cases, a session can be especially vulnerable and directive, and in the case of couples, rather intimate. Your choice of photographer matters. You want to make sure that you feel at ease during your session from posing to the overall atmosphere.

Are there any other reasons you think one should not get a boudoir photoshoot? Feel free to share in the comments below. If you have any questions about what a boudoir session is like or how to capture your own, I would be glad to chat with you at or on any of my socials.

3 Reasons to not have a boudoir photoshoot
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