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Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I am a multi-passionate creative who enjoys creating through photography, design, and writing. 


I find little things allow for the perfect bit of tranquility and joy. Simplicity, delight, calm. This is what I like to share in an exploration of the many facets of beauty and provide with my craft and work: little sparks of delight and still contemplation.


Here you will find a space that shares my work, artistic interests, creative projects, and gives you the opportunity to become or partake in art.


Happy perusing!

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The Photo Shorts

"Bring beauty to life."

One of the many qualities of art has been to enhance everyday life, a promise and hope of something marvelous, and, behind the lens, you can see just how extraordinary you are and encourage inspiration from within.​

Welcome to the "photo shorts", an elevated miniature portrait experience. A taste of what is done all year long.


Stationary & Accessories

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Photographic Prints

Dive into curated print and digital galleries. Photographic prints are completed as custom orders. Find stunning images including wildlife, travel, and fine art portraits.

Kind words...

Miranda's creativity and artistic eye brought my project to life. She made me feel at ease during the photo shoot, which made it easier to relax throughout the session. Taking the time to gift wrap the final product was great. My wife loved the calendar and I quote "This is the best Valentine's gift ever, now I need to step up my game!"
~ Chase

Many Thanks and Appreciation!

I just want to share with everyone who supports, engages, shares, and encourages my work in all of my creative spaces my gratitude. It is truly appreciated and I'm excited for what creations and places come next!

If you would like to donate to support my work, feel free to treat me to coffee.

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