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Hi there!

"First, drink coffee. Second, be awesome!"

I welcome you to the eclectic style of Adnarim 93, where anything and everything is subject to be my subject.  Imagination gives us endless possibilities so along with new places and new discoveries, I'm excited to explore and share different creative avenues with you.

As I wander about, follow my work in the photo galleries below and hop over to the "Letters" section (a.k.a my blog) for details on travel, food and basically a little bit of everything.

Thanks for stopping by! And have a good time browsing.  Hopefully, we'll see and hear from you again.




~ m.

P.S. With gifts, family and cheerful spirit, enjoy the blissfulness of winter and the Christmas season.

"It's the little things that make life's most memorable moments."

~ from M




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