My Favorite Color Pairs for Spring

"And just like that... winter opened cold bleary eyes to the newborn colors of spring."

~ Ange Weiland-Crosby

The advent of springtime brings a welcomed refresher for the year! The flowers are in bloom. The birds are singing. The skies are bright and clear, and the cameras are out and ready. Spring is a beautiful time for photography (really, anytime is truthfully). This season of freshness, hope, and blooming fosters a creative spirit that gets those inspirations in mind, on to paper and behind the lens. Something that comes back during this time of year is a flurry of color. Bright, warm, and pastel.

When one thinks of spring, pink, yellow, and baby blue may come to mind with those of traditional Easter. Take your pick from the rainbow. While these familiar colors are perfect for the season, I want to throw in some colors that are atypical for spring. Compliments always work well, so I have paired some of my favorite colors that can work for photo, home, and personal styling.

Black and White

Black and white are neutral colors that some together perfectly. In patterns, designs, or even in monochrome photographs. This is a timeless color pair that never disappoints.

Violet and Gold

Two of my most favorite regal colors. The richness of violet and the simplicity of gold are a match made in heaven. Together they add an air of luxury and elegance to any room and sophistication and refinement to any image.

Pale Blue and Pink

This classic pastel pairing is bright and airy. Can you taste the cotton candy? There is a sweetness and innocence with this color pair.

Lime Green and Magenta

These colors come right out of a comic or coloring book. They are bright. They are highly saturated. They are eye-catching. This richness and vibrance of color is well-suited for spring and works brilliantly for painterly portraits muted or intensified.

Orange and Blue/Turquoise

Another set of rich and vibrant colors that are pulled right out of nature. When considering these colors, sunset and sunrise photo sessions come to mind as during these times you can see the sky change as new colors are painted across the sky; notably that deep orange into blues in the sky or water.

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Of course, there are many other colors that work well with Spring. Rose, lavender, mint. The list can go on. What colors come to mind when you think of Spring? How would you imagine them used in your Spring portrait?

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