Creative Photo Inspirations for 2021 with Adnarim93 Creative

“Life’s not about expecting, hoping, and wishing, it’s about doing, being, and becoming.”

~ Mike Dooley

A major part of creating is getting those ideas out and seeing them crafted into reality. It is, indeed, a process of doing, being, and becoming. One that never ends. For this reason, many creatives and artists are always searching or nourishing those sources of inspiration. I have shared before how to get those creative juices flowing when finding yourself in a rut and now, I want to look at the end result: those ideas that come when we are out of a rut and inspired to create!

The sources for creative inspiration are myriad. The world supplies endless possibilities of inspiration. One can get inspired by simply walking down the street in the rain. For 2021, I decided to go to the lovely world of Pinterest and get inspiration from some of my favorite photographers.

Here is what I am being inspired by for my creative agenda this year.

Photograph from

Near the end of last year, fabulous portrait photographer and educator, Sue Bryce, did a photoshoot in-studio with fabrics. The shading of brown fabrics and movement created in the photos were stunning. She also did a creative flow with fabrics outside. It’s no doubt that being in quarantine and social distancing and isolating, put a real strain on photographers, not only business-wise but creatively. To get some creative work in, Sue set up an outside session with fabrics and captured lovely images using natural light.

This got me thinking. Why not try it yourself? So, of course, that is what I did and will be doing all year. Florida has great weather for this, especially in the Spring and Fall. Plus, there’s always a gentle breeze coming off the bay. Working with fabrics this year, each month, I will have a different color set of fabrics to illustrate the month. For January, I started with blues. February, of course, will be pinks and blushes. March will be green with the ushering in of Spring. Then, April will return with more muted blues and greys for April showers. Stay tuned for the rest of the colors.

Photograph by Bella Kotak

Last year, I dove more into creating fine art portraits and this year won’t be any different. I will be creating more hand-painted backdrops, scouting outdoor locations, and outfit comparisons for stylizing captivating fine art portraits. As each month will have a different fabric color, each month will also have a different fine art theme. Some of my primary focuses will be movement and expression.

Photos from

As we move further into the first quarter of the year, my fine art themes will embody love and culture for February. I will be doing sessions celebrating black culture and nobility and being wrapped up in love. March will follow up spring with season’s advent and women’s empowerment to celebrate Women’s History Month. What do you think April will be?