7 Ways to Invest in Yourself

“Invest in yourself. It pays the best interest.”

From the time we are little are we are taught to practice, practice, practice. Study. Work hard. Try new things. That’s what we’re supposed to do when we’re young after all; we are sharpening skills, building foundations, and gaining the tools we need for success. What we have been doing in reality along is investing in ourselves.

Sometimes when we become adults, we get so caught up in the drudgery of “adulting” that we forget learning and developing is never quite done. Improvement is an on-going process. On our leveling-up journey, we must remember to position ourselves for greater. Staying in the same place means that we have become static. In a static position, we are not growing or creating opportunities to advance in the various areas of our lives.

By making time to invest in yourself, it is recognized that something can always either be done better or differently. Here are a few ways you might consider investing in yourself.

Updating your closet. Essentially updating your look. You would be surprised by how simply changing your closet can start you on the right path. It is said that when a woman cuts her hair she is ready for a change. It is worth it to curate your closet or wardrobe. Appearance is important and you want your style to reflect not only how you feel on the inside, but you have committed to becoming in the future. It is also a plus for others to have a positive impression of you.

Signing up for a course. Chose a class to take that is either relevant to your education path or career pursuits. It benefits to get those certifications, as well as have the additional learning. While odd, degrees are not enough, and more people are working outside of their study. The more letters behind your name, the more compelling you become as a potential hire.

Traveling. Travel, travel, travel. I cannot say this enough. Travel is the most enjoyable and fastest way to learn. The benefits are endless. Allow me to list just a few... building a network; becoming immersive language learning; growing an open mind; independence; understanding and appreciate other cultures

Learning another language. Outside of America, it is common for individuals to know 2-3 languages—fluently. And I love this! There are a variety of reasons to learn another language, primarily communication. It is how things get done. The more tools you have to communicate better with others, the more you are able to understand not only about the individual foreign person, but the culture, and other important matters.

Attending retreats and workshops. Sometimes we need to get outside of ourselves, outside of the city, and outside of our network to fill up on some new juice. This is where retreats and workshops are perfect for gaining knowledge in a short amount of time, or re-centering in a specific amount of time.

Finding a mentor or coach. There are many things that we can learn on our own. After all, in college, we see self-directed courses, but it is important to note that this is following previous foundation courses that prime one’s learning ability. We all reach a point where we cannot do it by ourselves. We need someone to help us refine a skill or give us guidance. This is where a mentor or coach comes in. The person you choose to lead you on the right path should be someone of proven ability and someone you trust.

Taking an etiquette class. Do you still think etiquette is irrelevant for the modern-day boss—think again! It has actually become more popular as people look for better positions in career and life and realize basic etiquette and refinement is essential for upgrading. Aside from the career or business advantages, having etiquette is an indicator of respect for others and self as well as strong discipline.

Are you ready to invest in yourself this year? I hope these suggestions gave you some strong options to consider. Would you try some of these out or are you looking at trying something different?

Let us know with a comment below!

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