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7 Reasons to Get Dry Ice Photos!

"As photographers, we use the lens to tell stories, and it is a beautiful privilege and powerful tool to capture amazing moments that would otherwise go unnoticed."

~ Audra Wrisley

Photo by Tatiana Lumiere

Looking for a unique and creative way to capture your personality and style in a photo, you might want to consider getting a dry ice portrait. Dry ice? Yes! It's not something you work with every day (that is unless you're an artist); but no matter of often or little you work with dry ice, it's always a blast!

When it comes to photography, dry ice has a way of instantly elevating photos. While it does come with its own challenges, it adds magic to any portrait. The best part is that you can incorporate it into any photographic genre. The list can go on as to why you should try dry ice photos, but here are seven reasons to get dry ice photos to get you started.

Photo by Adnarim93 Creative

Enjoy One-of-a-kind Photos

Dry ice portraits are a unique way to capture your personality and style. The process involves using dry ice to create a foggy, misty effect around you, which can make for some truly stunning and unusual photos. Each shot will be different, and you'll end up with a series of one-of-a-kind photos that you can treasure for years to come.

Feel Enchanted

There's something magical and otherworldly about the misty, ethereal effect that dry ice creates. You'll feel like you're stepping into another world, and the resulting photos will have an enchanting quality that you won't find in traditional portrait shots.

It's Fun!

Dry ice portraits are a fun and exciting way to experiment with photography. You'll get to play around with different poses and expressions, and you can even incorporate props or accessories to make your shots even more unique.

Try Endless Creative Sessions

With dry ice portraits, the possibilities are endless. You can experiment with different lighting, backgrounds, and settings to create a wide range of shots. You can also work with your photographer to come up with new and creative ideas for each session.

Create a Statement Portrait

A dry ice portrait is a statement piece that will stand out from traditional portrait shots. Whether you want to use it as a profile picture or display it in your home or office, a dry ice portrait will make a bold and unforgettable statement.

Stay Cool

Dry ice portraits are a great way to beat the heat. The dry ice creates a cooling effect that can be especially refreshing during the hot summer months.


Let's be honest, using dry ice in a photo shoot is just plain cool. It's a unique and innovative technique that will set your photos apart from the rest.

Are you ready to try for yourself?

Dry ice portraits are a fun, creative, and unique way to capture your personality and style in a photo. Whether you're looking for a statement piece or just want to experiment with new photography techniques, dry ice portraits are definitely worth considering.

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