5 Reasons to Travel as Much as You Can

“Explore the world with an open mind, a sturdy carry-on, and clothes that don’t wrinkle”

~ Madeleine Albright

Have you ever just wanted to get up and go? The world is getting small with technological advancements. You can view any You Tubers tour of your wish-list place from the convenience of your phone, computer or tablet. Enjoy photo albums of adventurous photographers. However, the screen never matches seeing with your own eyes.

The Dalai Lama suggested, “once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.” Everyone should invest in the opportunity to travel. Even if you only go somewhere once a year, even if it is just two hours away. The world is ginormous, and you ought to—deserve—to get out and see it. You don’t need to start off big, spending thousands of dollars. Take that one trip and your curiosity will get sparked to venture out. While we don’t need a specific reason to pick up that plane ticket, here are a few that can get you started.

Learn more about yourself

Traveling presents an exciting stage to learn more about yourself. It takes you outside your comfort zone. You are moved outside your circle into another filled with new cultural norms, ethic systems, language, social functions and more. How you operate in a foreign environment teaches you many things about that yourself that you would not have ever discovered alone or would have taken longer to realize. Your understanding of the world, your abilities, and your beliefs will all be tested. What will you eat, when you can’t read the menu? How will get home when stranded at night? How can you help a lost child who doesn’t speak your language? These are some interesting growth challenges.

For cultural awareness

As we grow up, we become accustomed to one culture that we assume is the norm and judge others against it. However, one culture is, fortunately, not the standard. In a world that is becoming more global, the necessity of cultural awareness is apparent. Immersing yourself in another place only allows you to engage with the people and the area. By understanding other cultures, we learn to be more open, have compassion, and gain new perspectives.

Time is limited

Not only is time limited for you, but the planet. Natural wonders and animal species are disappearing. Sadly, we are living in a time where the destination you want to see today, may not look the same or even exist after the ten years you have planned to see it. Money returns. Time doesn’t.

Get connected

This is a time where people have more access. We are getting connected through all forms of social media. Someone in London can have friends in Milan, Shanghai, and Los Angeles all through the convenience of the internet. These relationships can be strengthened, and new ones formed through travel. On your journeys, you have the opportunity to make new friends. By having friends in various places, you also have doors to different adventures in their neck of the woods.