Active Lifestyle Necessities

Photo by Bianca Castillo

The world has been divided into two types of people. There are those who foster a healthy active lifestyle, and then there are those who prefer the sedentary. Luckily, in the pursuit of wellness frenzy, which is slowly taking over the globe, there is an increasing number of people who have started paying attention to the way they live, their health, fitness, and overall well-being. Those who have been active their entire life already have all the equipment, a steady routine and the know-how on how to lead an active lifestyle properly. Therefore, this one goes to all those neophytes who have the desire to get off the couch, but are a little lost when it comes to what it takes to lead a healthy life. Worry not, we come bearing gifts in the form of advice and all the necessities you will ever need to turn your life around.

Photo by Brooke Lark

Prep the body

If you want to get up and start moving, you will need to lay down the groundwork. That means cleaning out your pantry, adopting a more healthy diet and adding some color to your fridge – and not the processed kind. In case you haven’t been introduced to super-foods, we are here to get you acquainted. Super-foods are jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, proteins and fiber – all the necessary micro and macro-nutrients you need. These will provide you with energy, help you shed those few extra pounds and even take care of your digestive health and immunity. The best part is – whether you’re making a pre-workout smoothie or a healthy recipe for lunch or dinner, everything is pretty straightforward and easy. This means that you can pull it off even if you aren’t the most dexterous person in the kitchen, so you are literally out of excuses.

Matcha for the win

All the hype around matcha tea (a much stronger version of green tea) is completely justified. Matcha comes in the form of a finely ground powder. It contains ‘137 times more antioxidants than regularly brewed green tea’. What does that mean for you? Well, since you’ll be drinking plenty of delicious and nutritious smoothies before your workout, and sometimes even after, matcha is the perfect addition to whichever healthy concoction you come up with. It helps detoxify the body, provides you with the needed energy boost and can even help with weight loss as it’s known for its positive effect on your metabolism. Get your matcha on, and make sure it’s organic – natural is always better, and get your stride back.

Photo by KaLisa Veer

Prep your gear

When deciding to join the gym, take up yoga or simply start running in the morning, the easiest thing to do is quit before you’ve even started. According to numerous studies, if you have all the right gear, you will definitely feel a higher level of motivation. This psychological phenomenon is called enclothed cognition, which represents a ‘systematic influence that clothes have on the wearer's psychological processes’. Therefore, if you lay out the gear – your tracksuit and a vest (for the colder days) on a chair in front of your bed, you are more likely to get up, get dressed, put your supportive Reebok sneakers on and hit the road. So, you know what to do – start shopping for clothes and footwear that speaks to you and you’ll get the push you need to get moving.

Never forget it

Forget about the general rule of thumb – the one that says a person needs somewhere between 6 to 8 glasses of water. Experts say that this number highly depends on external factors such as the climate you live in, the level of physical activity and many more. So, when you’re breaking out a good amount of sweat, whether lifting weights, doing push-ups or giving it your all on the treadmill, you need to replenish the amount of water you lose. So, ditch the rule and drink as much water as your body needs. The best way to remind yourself to do so is with a nice and visually appealing water bottle. It’s silly, but it works.