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7 Must-Have Thanksgiving Dishes for Your Table

Pull out those can openers and make space in the freezer. Turkey day is getting closer and closer; which means if you haven’t set your menu, pull out a pencil now!

Thanksgiving. We sit around the table, pass platters and bowls, and share stories of thankfulness. While we look forward to our families gathering, we all know we can’t wait to sit down and eat. The taste-testers and meddlesome youngsters running through the kitchen. The couch potatoes waiting with trays and little ones at the kids’ table. We all wait for this day—better, our stomachs.

Our cooks and bakers of the day are the real champions. They fill our bellies with delightful meals and desserts. There’s nothing like seeing everything come together. Dough into cookies. Frozen birds into roasted turkeys. Dry noodles into mac ‘n cheese.

The chefs of the house make it look easy, but food does not miraculously just pop out of the oven. There are many decisions to make beforehand that start right after Halloween. Decorations one can easily scrimp up. A full course Thanksgiving meal? Not so much. You need to know what you’re going to make, how you’re going to make it, and how they will complement each other. So, if halfway through November, you think you can wing it the Wednesday before the big day, you’re far out of luck.

You need a meal plan and if you want your dinner to go off without a hitch, there are some dishes that you can’t miss on the table. While every home has a signature meal or style of cooking, food is food no matter how you jazz it up; so, take some of these picks into consideration.


Roasted, fried, or smoked. No turkey. No “Turkey Day.” A Thanksgiving turkey is a must to have.

Mashed Potatoes

Potatoes are a staple food. You can make your mashed potatoes especially tasty and creamy with added unsalted butter and light cream or milk.

Green Beans

Throw them into a casserole or stir fry them on the stovetop with peppers. You can even knock out two birds with one stone, by simmering your green with some small red potatoes.

Cranberry Sauce

Either go for the can or build up a berry jelly by adding strawberries and raspberries.


A holiday must on the side of turkey and cranberry sauce.

Sweet Potato Pie

I’m all about desserts from scratch, so I would suggest finding someone who can make you a sweet potato pie if you don’t have a grandma or auntie who can make you one. It’s not sweet potato pie for nothing. They’re deliciously sweet. Mix in some spice, dollop on whip cream, and sit back with a cup of coffee.

Cornbread, Rolls, or Biscuits

One, two or all three. I love bread, so I would have everything throughout the meal. These are the toppers for me.

The following locations are some good sources for recipes: AllRecipes, Food Network, Southern Living and Simple Recipes. Follow them to the “T “or amend them how you like it. If all else fails, you can find anything and everything on Pinterest.

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