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10 Spells I Wish I Could Cast

What’s the first supernatural being you think of when Halloween comes to mind? Vampire? Ghost? Did you forget the old time Halloween mascot you will see a lot of this season?

With everything spooky, creepy, and crawly coming out, there’s one traditional character that never fails to rise to the occasion of Halloween.  Witches.  They are always in season.  From costumes to every decoration set up, you are bound to see a witch with a pointy, black hat and broom stick somewhere.  An obsession that is understandable.  They are fascinating and intriguing, giving a sense of being able to surpass the mundanity that is being human.

Do they really exist?  Who knows for sure, but it would be totally wicked if they did.  With shows like Charmed and the Good Witch, movies such as the classic Hocus Pocus, and the notable Harry Potter series, how cool would it be to be a witch.  While the wands and cloaks are nifty, we all know the real treats are the spells. 

Could you imagine what you could do with magic?  What would you do if you had the ability to cast spells?  While we know magic does come with a price, the possibilities are endless.  If I could cast spells, I would cast them to…

Heal the Earth

We know climate change is a real-life occurrence.  The damage to the Earth is not fabricated nor conspiracy.  The things that we do impact this planet.  As it is our home, I would like it to heal to the green and blue beauty that it is.  An add-on spell would wipe out pollutants.

End hate

Hate is the source of every evil, cruel, and disturbing event.  Ending hate means turning to love which is not self-serving.  By ending hate, you end plagues such as racism, envy, and violence.

On a less dramatic note, I would also want to cast spells to….

Clear my student debt

Who really wants to pay back student debt?  It is a sad commonality to have tens of thousands dollars of debt upon exiting college.  It would be great if that could just disappear.

Get rid of college tuition and make higher education universal

If college was free, I would have so many degrees by now!  In fact, I probably would be a full-time worker and full-time student up until retiring age.

Be able to eat anything I want without getting fat

Every woman’s dream!  Of course, maintaining a healthy diet is good for our bodies.  What we ingest affects more than just our pants size.  But how awesome would it be to just eat what you want without any worries.  I don’t want to have to worry about this large pizza with extra cheese, chicken wings and a chocolate chip pie giving me five extra pounds the next morning.

Read faster

And remember what I read. There are so many books, but so little time. Even if we were to read every hour in our lives, there still would not be enough time. Stories are always being reinvented and new stories written.

Get rid of mosquitoes

What are they good for?!  Besides spreading disease and leaving nasty bites.  Nope.  Good riddens. 

Invent teleportation

This would beneficial for so many reasons.  One, skip traffic.  Nobody has time to be running gas for half an hour, only to move two feet.  Two, don’t worry about being late.  While you may not have an excuse to be late anymore, you certainly won’t have to worry about rushing.  Three, instant travel.  No long flights, airport security, and huge ticket expenses.  Go where you want, when you want.

Keep my electronics fully charged

This last one might be the kicker.  Roping up chargers is time consuming and tedious.  Chargers for cars, portables, long range…  Things would just be easier to not have to worry about charging them.

If you could roll up your sleeves and cast some spells, what would they be?  Share with us !

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