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10 Things You Can Learn From a Cat

We try to train them, but in reality they train us. Cats are some of the most complicated pets to have. While we attempt to litter box train them, they have us in the center of their paws.

This season, cats are arguably the most popular animal. What is October, now a month long celebration of Halloween, without the honorary black cat? In general, I am an animal person. I love everything from dogs to guinea pigs, have even played with pythons, but my love is always cats. Big cats, small cats. You can say they are bias animal. They are clever, independent, and most importantly cuddly.

These witty animals always get what they want. A day with them is never uneventful. Many times, you will find that cats and their owners start to mimic each other’s behavior. While they learn from us, there are quite few things we can learn from these furry little guys.

Take plenty of naps

We all know the classic cat naps. Lions, while the king of the jungle, sleep for at least 18 hours a day. Our little lions at home can also teach us a thing or two about the value of rest. We can still be awesome, kings and queens, without sacrificing rest.

Be picky

Some would say being picky is not a good habit to have, but in some cases it works out for our favor. When you’re picky, you know what you do and don’t like. You’re less likely to be indecisive and get roped into doing things you really didn’t want to do any way.

Protect what’s yours

Or claim it. Cats like what’s theirs and they want to keep it. They’re not fond of sharing bowls, litter boxes or toys. Cats will fight to the death to protect their own—litter, home, and human. They are territorial and can have a bad habit of spraying. Now I’m not saying to go scratch people’s eyes out or mark your territory. Hold on to what is yours and don’t let anyone else take it.

Be a little curious

Just don’t let it kill you. Don’t go wondering down dark alleys or after questionable noises in clearly serial killer places. For those things that spark your curiosity, take further interest. Take up a new hobby. Try out a new restaurant. Curiosity can lead you to new discoveries.

Soak up the sun

Cats love to be leisure. I find mine all the time in the window, or on the patio wallowing in the sun. Enjoy the day. Step outside and appreciate a little bit of nature’s wonders. Take a moment.

Be flexible

Anywhere cats can fit their heads through, they can get in to. They can bend their bodies into tiny pretzels just to lick the back of their leg. Sometimes we have to bend, squeeze, and wiggle into shape and out of shape to get where we want to go and get what we need to get.

Walk on the wild side

Being a little curious also calls for an adventurous spirit. I have one cat that likes to orchestrate these mad escapes and comes back looking like she trudged through the everglades. She will fight snakes, scale trees and wait out the rain. While, of course, I’m frantic, she’s perfectly fine, waiting to do the same thing tomorrow. The main thing, though, is that she comes back. Balance the wild with at home comforts.

Enjoy the finer things, especially treats

At the pop of a can opener or slit of a bag, my cats come running. Cats expect positive things, be it treats, chin rubs, or a nice new bed. Don’t forget to treat yourself and walk in the expectation of good things.

Don’t be a pushover

Walk around with a little bit of umph in you. You won’t catch a cat doing anything it doesn’t want to do. Our fur babies walk around all cute and adorable, but know how to turn up the aggression when needed. Carry some fierceness on the inside.

Recognize that everything that glitters isn’t gold

Cats do not lose their minds over expensive things. They will find more entertainment in the packaging that 69.99 cat toy came in. Money provides a lot of things, but remember luxury and pleasure can be found in the simplest of ways and manners.


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