Ask These Questions Before Moving for That Next Job

So you made it past the interview, got the job, and are ready to take off. You are all set with passport and ticket in hand, but did you ask everything you needed to before taking off?

Moving abroad for a job is an exciting life moment. It brings a fresh start, exponential growth, and crazy adventures. Essentially, it is a blank canvas that you are about to fill up. You come with all this energy, open to experience everything. You are ready to take on the world, ready for something amazing to happen.

Making the choice to move—anywhere—is no small feat. Many times it is not necessarily the job that gives us pause, since we generally know what the position entails. It’s everything surrounding transplanting your life in another location. When I decided to move to China, I agonized over the decision for months. It was technically my first corporate job, along with my first move. As a newbie to the abroad experience, I wanted to make sure I had everything in order, from visas to future housing. While I had my checklist, there were still some hiccups that happened after arrival that if I had verified beforehand the transition would have gone a lot more smoothly.

As I anticipate more moves in the future, I compiled a list of questions that I would need to have solid answers on before booking my ticket. These questions are particularly beneficial for first lime moves abroad. Although some seem common, you would be surprised how many aspects of the job you need written verification for.

Here are some questions to ask before making that move:

Is the flight reimbursed, and how?

How soon do moving expenses come through (i.e. visa costs)?

Are language courses provided by the company?

How soon do I begin job functions?

Can I use a foreign/ international visas?

How is banking set up? What is the simplest way to send money back home?

What is the content of the orientation, induction, and on-boarding schedule?

Will there be an attache to assist with adjusting?

What is available for career development?

How are national and international taxes managed?

What is the local reality of housing and transportation?

What documents are physically required?

Can I have a visual representation of the organizational structure?

These are not all of them, but these questions are at the top of my list. What do you think of these questions? Would you add to this list? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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