5 Times Your Vacation May Need a Backup Plan

Pina Colada on the beach

Have you ever been on a trip that didn’t go quite according to plan? Maybe the weather didn’t permit some activities or a friend slowed you down? How do you prepare so you can still enjoy your trip?

On my latest trip to Macau, a typhoon thwarted the majority of my plans. It was disappointing that I wasn’t able to see everything on my list such as the Macau Tower or Panda Pavilion, but I was still able to have a great time, not only because of the company I was with but the acceptance that everything doesn’t always go according to plan. We can plan the most magical trip to have it fall apart or get side tracked by the unexpected. That is why a plan A, plan B, … C, D even E is necessary.

It is best to think of having a back-up plan, not as an anticipation of things going wrong or to avoid pushing a fellow traveler overboard, but as an assurance for getting the most out of your trip. You have come all that way, paid your hard earned money and taken days off—you want to enjoy yourself. Here are five times you may want to have a backup plan ready:

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When the weather man actually gets it right....

Certainly, we don’t plan our vacations during bad weather, but there are times when it just rolls in—like a random typhoon. Rain, snow, or quake a work around is something you need ready. Utilize every form indoor activity. Are there walkways or basement levels that connect, transport that doesn’t require an umbrella? Find these things out.

When the airline loses your luggage...

Fortunately, I have yet to have this happen, but I do many who have experienced this. What are you supposed to do without a fresh pair of undies? How about that bathing suit you ready to show off? Don’t commit yourself to your hotel room and lobby. Pencil in some Target time, hound the concierge and keep it moving. You may not be able to swim in the beach, but you can definitely walk on it. The best plan B if you don’t mind a little extra in your carry-on, is packing a wrinkle-free outfit with a small toiletry bag just in case. Even better? Just do a carry-on and travel light.

Friends on the beach

When someone gets sick...

If you travel solo, you may not have to worry about this—unless you’re the sick one. If you’re in a group though, you may be in luck. If you are not the caretaker you can still make a little of the trip. Of course I’m not saying leave your sick friend…maybe just knock them out with some NyQuil or leave them in the toilet for few hours escape.

When the places are closed…

This usually happens due to weather, but on the off chance that the one spot you were looking forward to seeing is closed, check out all the other sites. It may not measure up to the first, but you don’t want to stay hung up over the missed place. This is your chance to find hidden gems and explore “uncharted” territories.