5 Fears Going Through Airport Security

Lovely airport security. They make us uncomfortable, get free products over 3 oz. and make us repack all of our nicely organized bags.

When traveling, the anticipation of exploring a new place is exciting. There’s so much to look forward to, from hidden gems to destination hot-spots, and all of the stories that will be brought back. However, there is one thing that I certainly dread. Going through TSA.

The security check, even when wen flying pre-checked, gives me all sorts of anxiety. You would think it’s uncalled for, unless you’re stopped every time you go through like me—and I have no idea why. I used to think it was my clothes, so I changed it up from baggy jeans to yoga pants. Nope. Ok. Maybe it’s the hair? Nope. The electronics? Well you have to break those down at the start of the line. So, I just expect to get stopped now, and these are just a few of my concerns when going through airport security...

Wig coming off

When they are short, national flights, I wear my wig. No point in coming off the plane looking like I got hit by one. Every time I go through security—without fail—the TSA lady at the end of line will check out my hair. Gloved fingers, all up in there; and, I always whisper, “Please be careful. It’s a wig.”

Stepping into something sticky or wet

Going through the security check, you always have to take your shoes off. You’re walking a good little bit, toes all out; but, you’re following behind others. I don’t want to step into something unexpectedly that my shoes would have protected me from.

Being pulled out of the line

I don’t want to be that person who gets taken out of line to be questioned or has his or her bags publicly examined. The TSA agent has no shame in yelling out, “Whose bag is this?” and then run through each item loud like it’s an auction with everyone staring.

Alarms going off

When you go through the body scanner, you have to wait to be cleared before you can continue on and get your things. I hold my breath the entire time until the agent says I can come on through. I want to be cleared of being tackled stepping out.

Breaking one of my electronics

I travel with a lot of technology as a photographer. I will typically have my laptop or tablet, camera, camera lenses, flash, phone, and then all respective chargers. Each of these items (minus the phone) now have to be taken out of their secure spaces and have to go into their own bins. I cringe watching the agents push the bins through. I quickly collect all of them at the end, and now, have to repack in a public place, looking out for anyone suspicious or a careless flyer that might knock over my bin.

These were just a few of my concerns. How do you feel when going through airport security? What do you dread or look out for most?

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