Travel Questions We Ask After Leaving Home

After you have left home, packed all the bags, and have gotten all the way to the airport, do you ever get that question in the back of your mind: Did I forget something?

Since moving half way across the world, I do plenty of traveling by myself, be it stay-cations, actual vacations, and just day-to-day outings. Back home I was used to traveling with family, and we would help each other remember what needed to be taken. The lists would be divided and everyone had a role to help make the travel prep smoother. With it now being just me, I have a whole lot more to check for. So whenever I get to my destination, I can’t help but wonder….

Did I forget something?

I will literally go into cold sweats thinking that I forgot something. Sometimes go into a panic, especially in the airport—on the plane; because I can’t get it now. There are too many things to remember!

Have you ever asked these questions after you’ve already left for your trip?

Where’s my passport?

You need your passport to get your tickets, check in bags, get through TSA, and then get on the actual plane. I can already be on the plane and know that I securely put my passport in my carry-on and still wonder, “Do I have my passport?”

Did I set the alarm?

And manage to lock all the doors in the house? There’s nothing like leaving for a trip and being anxious about the security of your home the entire time. The latest security system means nothing if you don’t set it.

Did I reserve a car?

A big concern when traveling is getting around my new destination. It would really suck to arrive in an awesome place and then not be able to get around it.

Did I pack deodorant?

This one gets me all the time. I don’t know why, but it just does. Perhaps because when traveling abroad this is one of the hardest items to fine. Soap, lotion, and powder no problem. Even hotels provide toothpaste, tooth brushes and hair care.

Do I have enough underwear?

Because I don’t want to go around hunting down underwear, if I run out; or have to wash the old fashion way. It’s better to be safe. So, a three day trip means six pairs of underwear.

My Charger?!