7 Struggles You Face When Living Alone

Sometimes living alone isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Sure, you have your independence, your own space, and in essence your own life, but sometimes, an extra hand would be nice.

Confession: I like living alone, but I don’t like living alone. What do I mean? It’s awesome having my own space, being able to do things when I want to without being accountable to anyone besides myself. Still, there are times where I wished I had someone I could call for various situations. When living alone, certain struggles are real:

You can’t send anyone to the grocery store for you

Yes, I know I can go to the grocery store. But think about when you have already started cooking and you’re missing an ingredient. If you have a family member or roommate who is already out, they can pick it up on their way back. Even if they’re not out already. You can send them out.

This also applies to pretty much any situation when you forget something, and need someone to bring you whatever you forgot—and I do this a lot.

If you run out of toilet paper on the toilet… you’re just out of luck

You can’t call for anyone to bring you a toilet paper roll, so you better figure something out.

Every sound at night sounds like it comes from a horror film.

This is one of the reasons I play music at night (and really all the time). You ever jump at the sound of your AC unit kicking in? When you turn the lights off and you’re lying in silence in the dark, nothing sounds like it does during the daytime. Little creaks put me on edge and hearing door handles wiggle makes me fear someone is breaking in half the night.

You cook…all your meals

You’re your own chef. If you’re not good or have limited resources, this is a challenge because it costs a whole lot to eat out all the time. It’s ramen, rice, and spaghetti. Cereal, PB& J and Jello. Don’t let it be a day you don’t feel like cooking. Pizza, Chinese take-out and the closet fast-food place.

Clothes get left zipped or unzipped

Oh the struggle of zipping up a dress. Jumping, stretching, and lying out on the bed to get it done. Sometimes the zipper just goes up half of the back, and after the time it took to put it on, you just throw a blazer on over it. Nobody will be the wiser. Can’t unzip the dress? It stays on…indefinitely.

Everyone looks like an unsub

Am I the only one with additional paranoia? Maybe it’s too much Criminal Minds, but I’m on the lookout for anyone and everyone. Riding an elevator past my floor. Walking into random stores to browse. Just in case my paranoia turns out to be right one day.

The bugs win—every time

Don’t let me see a roach, beetle, mosquito, moth—anything that flies, jumps, or crawls. I literally throw the bottle of spray at it and run. It can have the apartment.

When you are living alone, you are your only help. There’s no one there to unscrew jars, re-model crumbling household furniture, or help you lift, reach, fix—nothing. Living alone is cool, but I may prefer, the extra hand.

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