5 Steps for In-Flight Beauty

Don’t get caught stepping off the plane looking like you just woke up. Use the tram as your personal runway, the aisle as your bathroom, and end your flight glowing.

Long flights can be daunting. The closed in space, restless energy, the length of time, and hopefully you don’t have a chatty elbow buddy. But it’s not only that. You don’t come off looking the same way you came on—unless you’re sleeping beauty. Face it. What… 13-14 hours later. You’ve slept, drooled, and you probably didn’t go to the bathroom to wash your face. It’s time to make your seat your vanity area.

Gather your gear. These are some items that you can easily slip into your purse or a travel size make-up kit to suffice all your beauty needs on board:

  • Facial Wipes

  • Travel Size Toner

  • Sheet Mask

  • Travel Size Moisturizer

  • Cotton ball/ pad

  • BB Cream

  • Additional Considerations: Small plastic bag (for waste), concealer, eyeliner, and lip tint

Commence the in-flight pampering!

1. Cleanse

Get yourself a pack of cleansing wipes. These do not necessarily have to be make-up remover wipes (I mean, unless you were wearing make-up to begin with; though, I recommend starting your long trip bare faced. Beautify based on the time you’re landing). I do suggest a gentle cleansing wipe, anything easy on the delicate skin of your face. Neutrogena and Aveeno make great wipes for sensitive skin.

Step 1: When your landing time draws near, pull out the wipes. I would start the process at least 2 hours before landing. Carefully, cleanse with facial wipes of your choosing.

2. Tone

Have toner samples? This is the time to use them! If not, that’s okay. Due to flight regulations, if your toner is not already in a 3 oz. bottle (if yours is like mine, then it is definitely not), get yourself a small bottle and transfer some for the flight. Since you are doing this in flight, I do recommend a thick toner, because not only will it be less messy, but then it will be a double hitter, covering both the toner and serum step.

Step 2: Apply your toner of choice with a cotton ball or pad. Currently, the hyaluronic toner, by It’s Skin is my favorite toner. It leaves my face feeling plump without being overly greasy. It’s also easy to apply. I can shake it in my hand (it comes in a glass bottle) and then easily rub in and pat to finish.

3. Mask

Now, the fun part. Time to start masking! Any of your favorite sheet masks will do. This would be the perfect time to pull one out from your stash that has been endlessly growing. There are always decently priced sheet masks that also pack a punch. My personal favorite, It’s Real Squeeze Mask, by Innisfree. I order the set, so I can have different options for a variety of needs: antioxidants, complexion, moisture, etc. On the flight, I gravitate towards the sheet masks that target either brightness or moisture (both if lucky). A definite go-to in this situation is the Rose mask.

Step 3: Apply your mask. Rub any remaining essence into your neck or hands. Be sure to set a timer, so you don’t fall to sleep with it on. Also, ignore the looks of neighbors and flight attendants. They could join in, if they knew what was good for them.

4. Moisturize

After patting in the remaining essence, it is time to moisturize. Since you have used a mask, a heavy moisturizer is not necessary (unless you have especially dry skin). I recommend a moisturizer that comes in a tube, or a jar that tightly seals and has an inside cover. Remember you are still on a flight, and air pressure will be a factor when opening anything that was sealed.

Step 4: Lightly apply your moisturizer. I tend to have large sized moisturizers, so I squeeze some out into an old 3 oz. jar. My moisturizer of choice, Snail 92 by Corsx. It is an everything moisturizer. It has a thick, gel like consistency, but easily absorbs into my skin. It does leave a dewy appearance for a short while. Depending on your moisturizer, you may want to leave time (five minutes or so) between the last step.

5. Beautify

We have finally come to the last step of this in flight facial treatment. Beautify. Now, if you want to and are prepared, you can completely do a full face of make-up at this point. Generally, I tend to stick to a fresh face or natural look when traveling. This way I pass to go anywhere, but don’t look like I rolled out of bed. For this reason, I carry a tube of BB cream, a dark brown eyeliner and a tinted lip balm in my travel purse.

Step 5: Do your full face, or opt for a BB cream of your choice. I use Maybelline’s BB Cream (medium to dark), a dark brown eyeliner, and a tinted lip balm.

An additional option is to also keep a trusty concealer on hand to apply to areas like dark circles, or any undesirable blemishes. I find this as a needed step, if I’m hitting the ground running after arrival.

Of course, some things to not forget while freshening up your face:

  • Check out your hair. Keep a brush with you to man your mane, or if you’re like me, throw that wig on you kept in the overhead the whole time, so you would be comfortable sleeping.

  • Body fragrance. Just in case. Do not over do it, just keep something light.

Hope you find these steps helpful for your long flight to any destination you may be traveling to. Even if you don’t have a long flight and just want a fresh appearance when you step off. Try it out and let me know what you think. Do you already have an in-flight beauty plan or prep? Share with us!

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