5 Reasons to Not Leave Home

In a rush to leave home?  You may want to think twice before packing up your bags and making a dash out the door because living at home isn’t as bad as you might think.

As a young adult, or even as early as a teenager, we aspire to have our independence—outside of the home.  We want to be rid of the house rules set up by our parents, escape annoying siblings (if we have them), avoid family drama and whole bunch of other things.  Basically, we don’t want to be accountable to anyone, but ourselves.  We want freedom!  However, sometimes that desire for freedom and independence can push us into situations that we aren’t ready for, and ultimately, don’t help us.

Don’t get me wrong.  Having independence as an adult and growing in to an adult is essential for understanding your identity to be successful.  Early independence though, can be a set up for a few steps down that could have been avoided with a little patience.  It’s like taking brownies out of the oven too early.  You’re eating it and thinking it’s great—until you get to the mushy middle.

In this fast-paced world, we need to recognize that everything doesn’t need to be rushed.  Time is one of the best resources for building strong life foundations, and it can be used for your favor or to your detriment.  You don’t want to enter the world—the real world—unprepared.  On that note, there are many reasons serious (and trifle) to stay home just a little bit longer.


If you want to increase your savings, nothing helps like cutting out a few bills.  Imagine what your savings will look like if instead of paying for rent, utilities, and internet, you put those funds into a savings account.  Start building up your funds now.  The best thing you can do for yourself is start an automatic savings account, especially one that accumulates interest, such as a money market account.  Set up an account and manage your funds properly for future investments.  Of course, the pre-requisite to this is having a job.


In addition to savings, you probably won’t have the grocery bill.  There are two great things about this.  One, if your parents can throw down in the kitchen, you’re not missing or paying for meals.  You will not suffer the ramen noodle experience.  Two, you can learn to cook (or at least try).  Trust, this is a valuable life skill that everyone needs.  Looking to snag the future mr. or mrs.?  Learn to cook.

Familiarity and Comfort

When we look to move away from home, usually it’s not right next door.  It’s probably the farthest we can get to.  While moving brings great experiences, sparks development, and gives that sense of independence, you’re leaving what is familiar.  Moving to a new location means growing on a high learning curve, particularly a first move.  The stress of learning how to manage home, finances, school or work, and then a new environment all at once, can be overwhelming. 


Sure, you can be independent and handle everything on your own, until that one day you need help.  When you’re out on your own, that means managing time, money, work life and personal life—everything—by yourself.  No one can remind you that you need take your car in for maintenance, take you important documents you forgot on your desk at home, and fix you coffee at 1:00 a.m. when you’re working on your thesis paper.  The little helpful things throughout the day and swooping in to save the day are very much welcomed.


In all of these items, family can help.  Family is where home is and sometimes being separated from family isn’t as awesome as one might think or hope.  No one can irritate you like family, but no one else can come through like family.  Your parents are responsible for giving you the fundamental tools necessary to be successful in life; so, being independent sometimes means being dependent on those we love, love us, and can trust.

For these advantages, I can tolerate living at home a little while longer.  Keep in mind, staying at home isn’t forever.  It’s better to start out on the right foot, then make several return trips.  I will take household chores, and random family interruptions, in place of rent, bills, and other things that I’m frankly, not ready for.  Sometimes sustained independence means being dependent for a season.

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