5 Healthy Habits I've Picked Up Living in China

Being healthy is a lot harder than the fitness pros and nutritionist make it appear. Sure it is better, and ideally doable, but the actual likelihood of a complete healthy lifestyle change takes more than eating a carrot…once a month.

Good health is something everyone one should aspire to attain. It is important for whole body wellness and avoiding major health issues later down the road. In reality though, it is quite difficult to attain, especially when you have become accustomed to a certain lifestyle. Unless you take a firm stance to start maintaining or improving your health, nothing will change—unless you forced into it.

With my move to Shanghai, I have forcibly acquired quite a few habits that I normally wouldn’t have at home; a few of which are truly beneficial to my health. If I was back home, I would hardly ever be seen doing a few of these.

Here are a few of the healthy habits I picked up from moving to China.

Drinking water

I did not nearly drink as much water back home as I do now. Since I am more active (and likely to dehydrate quickly) I drink water constantly. Most meals are had with a glass of water and for every cup of coffee, I have a cup of water.

Organic juice

And if I don’t have water, then I have juice. And not just any juice. Organic juice. Many restaurants serve organic juice. You can literally see a person in the back peeling the fruits and vegetables, and then press them into a glass. If there is not pulp in it, I ain’t havin’ it.

Walking daily

This was just not happening back home. Daily? Ha. I would walk to my car. But I can’t do that now. If I want to get anywhere, I have to walk. Between the metro, work and other odd adventures (usually from getting lost) I walk, on average, 5 miles every day. From having to walk to all of my destinations, I have come to like taking daily walks, even when I don’t have any outside plans. (I don’t see a difference in weight though; perhaps I should add sit-ups).

Taking the stairs

Yeah. If I wasn’t walking daily back home, do you think I was taking the stairs? Umm…no. My legs are burning every day from taking stairs. (And yet, I see no difference). If I have to walk, I have to eventually take the stairs.

Eating Salads

I don’t like salads. Let me tell you right off the bat. I still don’t, but I eat them. Why? Because they are served with everything and I’m not wasting money. Also, I eat a lot of salad paired with tuna, and it’s mainly because of the tuna that I eat the salads. Overall, I’m eating more vegetable; so, I’m eating healthier.

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