10 Things I Miss While Traveling Between Home and Home Away From Home

It's always nice to leave and it’s always nice to return; a relatable feeling every traveler can sit back and chat over.  Travel between China and Florida, I have found things I miss from both places when traveling.

I love traveling!  And as much as I love traveling, when it’s time to go home, I’m beyond ready to dive back into the sheets of my own bed.  After all there’s no place like home.  Now, I have two home in a way.  There’s my apartment in Shanghai while living abroad and my home of 24 years in Florida.  Traveling between both places, there are things I miss when leaving either place.

From Tampa


Particularly a tall white chocolate mocha.  It would seem an odd thing to miss when there are Starbucks’ literally everywhere, but they don’t serve my favorite signature drink and I have no idea why.

Home luxuries

Many items that I would consider necessities are in fact luxuries in China such as a dryer and oven.  But the home luxury I miss most is quality plumbing.  You can’t flush toilet paper in 98% of Shanghai, even very modern buildings.  So, I’m so happy to see a restroom when I get off the plane in the states!

The smell of rain

Strange? No.  The rain here does not have a smell and coming from Florida I’m used to that sweet.  It makes it very difficult to judge grey skies.


I can’t drive in China, so I’m left to depend on public transportation and my own two feet.  Having my own car is so convenient to get up go where ever, whenever. 


I missed home cooked meals!  I cannot recreate my parents cooking, so I gorge myself on their home cooking when I’m back home.  Macaroni and cheese, fried chicken wings, arroz con guandules, yams, and cornbread.  I have a list of foods I must eat before returning to Shanghai.

My cats

There are a lot of strays in the parks, but none can take the place of my babies.  I still sleep on one side of the bed because I’m used to having a little ball of fur tucked by my back.

From Shanghai

Food Delivery

You can get any type food from almost anywhere, anytime as long as the location you order from is

open.  When I land in Shanghai, I’m usually hungry.  While I’m on the metro I can order food on my phone and meet the deliverer at my door.


This I miss because there are not many places where you can just conveniently walk.  I can walk leisurely around my apartment enjoying the neighborhood.  I have gotten into the daily habit of walking which I do not do at home, and it’s definitely a lot healthier.


It’s just me.  Living alone has put me on a serious learning curve and I’ve gotten used to being twice as responsible since I have to depend on myself.  There is a new found freedom as I can go anywhere and do anything and be only accountable to myself.

Travel Convenience

The places I would like to visit are all close by.  Tokyo, Macau, Seoul, Taipei.  The list can go on.  My dream destination are all under six hours away and various locations in China can be reached with a short flight or bullet train.

These are things that I miss when traveling between my expat home and home-home.  Of course there are more, but the list might turn into the never ending story.  When you travel, what are some things you miss from home or your destination?

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