8 Funny Things that Happen at Weddings

Amidst the joy and love in weddings, there are always unexpected or completely expected instances that can’t be forgotten. Mainly because they’re extremely embarrassing or hilarious.

Weddings carry the personalities of the couples. It is no surprise that the atmosphere is set by them and the guests. Weddings are inclusive. Everybody takes part in the union because its more than two people coming together—its two families. Two families that now learn each other’s oddities and quirks. And it all starts at the wedding.

Here are some funny things to look out for at the next wedding you go to:

Are there any objections?

Oh, relish the cringy silence! This moment is always followed by awkward laughter. The couple looks at each other, like I dare you to give me an objection and there may be one person who gets kneed, elbowed, or tackled in the back. Putting on the ring

Such a beautiful moment…that gets completely ruined when the ring doesn’t fit. Either bride or groom (nine times out of ten, it’s the groom), struggles twisting the ring on. We’re really not supposed to laugh, but we do it anyway.

The reception entrance

There are those couples that walk in very posh and noble; and then, there are those couples that make epic entrances. You know these couples. They’re moon walking down the aisle and the party is set. Cutting of the cake

A favorite moment of mind that always sticks when the couples shove the cake in each other’s faces. The dance floor

Just the entire floor because everything and anything can happen. From the soul train line and a new version of electric slide, to grandma throwing her cane to the side to show the young-ins how it’s done and questionable songs being played. Tossing the bouquet

You have not seen intense until you see all the single women at a wedding go in for some flowers loosely wrapped in ribbon. There’s snatching, hair grabbing, and acrylic nails out. It is absolutely a highlight. Tossing the garter

This part of the reception is anti-climactic compared to the tossing of the bouquet. Whereas the single women compete like The Hunger Games for the bouquet, the single men run like a flaming arrow is being shot at them and there’s always one poor soul who is left standing like a chump in the middle. The toasts

Finally, count on either the matron/maid of honor and best man to publically shame their friends. You’ll think the speech is about to be serious and touching and then all of a sudden—bus, swerved right into everything and you’re pushing then from the mic.

Have a funny moment from a wedding? Share it with us!


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