10 K-Pop Songs That Should Be on Your Playlist So Far in 2018

Music does wonders. It is the perfect form of therapy. So, I’m kicking this month’s blog off with a music playlist.

Between work, holiday and travel I need an escape from everything and music is my daily go-to. Now, I listen to a variety of music, but K-Pop has been my ruling genre for years now. I’m excited at how it’s progressing on the world stage with the success of BTS; and, so far in 2018, we have seen some great comebacks.

Without further ado, here is my list of K-Pop songs that should already be in your playlist 2018:


Just yes, to everything about this joint right here. This song gets me hyped, especially on a Monday. The moment the beat drops, you already know it’s going to be good. We get a couple of new voices that just merge well and take us back. I won’t get into the MV—BUT, if you haven’t seen it, I strongly suggest, you go bless your life and do so. From the verse, to the hook, chorus and breakdown, the song has definitely left a strong statement early in the year.

Bad Boy, RedVelvet

RedVelvet did not come to play! This is a fantastic display of their velvet side. It was rich and smooth, and left me wanting more. It took me back to late 1990’s early 2000’s R&B and I loved it. I think this was a sound I needed.

Shinin’, Jonghyun

Despite the tragedy of Jonghyun’s passing, he is remembered by his musical legacy. This title track from his posthumous album release is a perfect song to remember him by. His gifts certainly shine here. The song is upbeat, bright and tad jazzy with a splash of alternative hip-hop.

Baby Don't Stop, NCT U (Ten & Taeyong)

First off, I can't take the whispering! These two showed out on this jam. They are a dynamic duo in the mv and on the track.

Nirvana, Ravi feat. Park Jimin

Ravi has a unique sound. Couple it with Jimin’s voice, and it a curious blend that can’t help, but get addicted to.

Run It, Jay Park feat. Jessi

Even though it was made for an ad, this song is it! The intensity and fire in this track gets me so pumped. Like I feel motivated to anything when listening to this.

Love Scenario, IKON

This song has a sweet laid back vibe. The bright pure tones match the lyrics on love. The overall sound reminds me of 90's pop and the chorus will undoubtedly get stuck in your head.


Of course, since JHope’s mixtape came out yesterday—you know! ... You know I had to include a couple of tracks off the Hixtape!

Day Dream

The title track of the HopeWorld. First—check out the MV, the aesthetics are out of this world. The visuals along with the sound, I feel perfectly suits JHope (well… he produced it, so of course); in the sense that it uniquely embodies him.

Hangsang (with Supreme Boi) ~ available on Spotify and for download

This track gives me life. He took it back with 90’s hip-hop and rap vibes. It is grimy, trap, and wavy. You just want to move to this track.

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