6 Changes We Should See After Black Panther

Black Panther has been taking the world by storm and killing the box offices. Surely, on your social media you have seen the epicness. For some, the aggrandizement is nonsense, while the rest of us understand the legitimate reason for the hype.

This movie marks a momentous achievement for people as a whole. It is a wonderful cultural move that is inclusive of all races. The evident feeling of community and nature of the film to bring people together is a testament in itself. The celebration of culture can be translated and related to all minorities.

Black Panther generates an inspirational and communal feeling, I hope continues. We should not let the impact of this film die out after a mere few months.

Here are some differences we should see after Black Panther:

Black Excellence Embraced More

A cultural fest on screen, Black Panther is clearly clouded and covered in black excellence that is to be admired. We should always be reminded of how great we are. African-American heritage descends from kings and queens. It is rich and diverse, and all of it should be embraced. Do not be ashamed of your culture. And this goes for anyone.

Brotherly/Sisterly Love

We are more powerful together. In a time where the world is plagued with hatred, it is beautiful to see so many people coming together. If one film could do this, imagine a collective effort. If people would be more compassionate and have the decency to respect human dignity, we would see more progress.

Respect for Black Women

Black women are beautiful, intelligent and strong. They are queens coming in every shade of coffee, chocolate, and honey. To see them portrayed in this film so stately was empowering. Ladies, walk in elegance and power. There are crowns on your heads. Surgence of Black Creatives

Yes. I meant “surgence.” A resurgence is not needed because there are plenty of black creatives. We just hardly see them in mainstream media or in creative authoritative positions in comparison to others. The more representation we have, the more inspired our children will be to do what has yet to be done. Support of Black Business

Want a stronger community? Want more creative representation? Want more business and economic power? Help that young entrepreneur out. Support black business.

Increased Value on Cultural Pride and Education

Education is power. Knowing who you are and where you come from is power. Together these two augment your chances of success. How you see yourself in the world, will shape your career ambitions, relationship goals, and so much more. Don’t find yourself limited because of lack. Life is full of abundance. You should want to enjoy and seek out all that life has for you.

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