The Weekend Snow

Hello Snow, 

You do not come by Shanghai often, but you swung by this time. Your visit was short this weekend.  There was barely enough time to build a snowman.  I wasn't ready.  

It was cold and wet.  No snow boots.  No hat.  Only an umbrella to walk under.  Somehow you still got in my nose and eyes.  Forget my hair.  

I wanted to take pictures and my fingers were numb from the cold.  My toes tingling. I tried with shaky hands. 

Still, your visit was a pleasant surprise and happily welcomed.  Many people became playful.  It was like a second Christmas.  I saw prettily decorated scenery in white.  Even though I slid on pavement and nearly slipped down stairs.

Next time I'll be ready.  I'll have my boots and hat.  We'll spend a little more time together.  I hardly see you.  Stay longer next time.


A Floridian

#letters #Snow #photography

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