Christmas is Over. Now What?

The carols have been sung, the eggnog has been drunk, and the gifts have been opened.  Now all the decorations that you had put up, you have to start taking down (and remember what dark hole you pulled it out of).  Where does all the unwrapped gift paper go because it doesn’t fit in the kitchen’s trach can?

The one day you have put so much effort in to has passed just like that.  Now you have to come off the high of candy canes and hot coco, and deal with the fact, that Christmas is over.  So, now what?

Freeze the Food

If you have made it past washing all the dishes and putting away the fine china, that only gets pulled out like twice a year, then you probably have an exuberant amount of food left.  And how, with all the mouths fed?!  Either way, now you will be eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, for at least the next two weeks.  Ham sandwiches, turkey sandwiches, cranberry sauce with your morning bacon, and eggnog for coffee creamer.

Plan Meals and Diet

Now that you have frozen the food, you’re going to have to plan how to finish it off, so you’re not crying at the sight of turkey and mashed potatoes.  Don’t have the same meats in a row and stuffing with every meal of the day. 

The diet comes after word.  Like any holiday or special occasion, we have probably eaten more than we should have and our food babies have stuck with us.  Now we actually need to commit to a healthy diet for our bodies to recover from the overload.

Buy Christmas Decorations

Wait.  What?  Why would I buy more Christmas decorations?  You probably have more than necessary, right?  After Christmas is the perfect time to buy Christmas decorations because now everything is on sale.  Christmas bulbs, lights, and decorations.  The prices drastically drop.  I love walking into Michael’s after Christmas, because everything is either 60%-70% off.  So, if you have decorations, maybe some are broken.  Check for outdated styles.  Snowballs accidentally knocked over the tree?  Don’t have any decorations?  Now is the time to do it and prepare for next year.

Buy Winter Wear

The same applies.  Catch the after Christmas sales.  Even though there may be a few months of winter left in certain regions, down south it will be heating up soon.  That means that the winter wear has to go to make room for the spring wear that will be out in a few weeks.  You’ll be prepped and ready for next year.

Time to Get Down to Business

Did you put off homework?  Yeah… you may want to start looking at it now and get started.  So, for my parents, you may just want to check if your kids did their winter homework, if they had any (sorry kids).  For my college students (of all ages), don’t be that one student (we all know who) rolling in a minute before class in pajamas and sunglasses because they worked on all of their assignments the night before.  Also, for my fellow teachers, it’s time to put glasses down and look at our spring syllabuses—if not review and write it. 

Make Your Lists and Check Them Twice

Now that gifts are opened, there is some organizing to do.  Exchange, return, and itemize.  Make a list of the items you want to exchange and return, and what stores to go to.  You will be worn out going back and forth.  Double check to make sure you have your receipts and that the tags are on the items.  Lastly, itemize the gifts that have time limits (mainly gift cards and checks).  Wouldn’t you hate to schedule a facial and get there and then not be able to use your gift card (cause you’re going to have to pay one way). And please don’t try to deposit a Christmas check during spring break and wonder why its bouncing.

Write Your Thank-You’s

Finally, go through all your gifts and write thank you’s.  In this season of giving, a proper response is “thank you.”  Even for the gifts you returned or exchanged, the giver is deserved a thank you.  It is not necessary for people to take time to go out of their way and buy gifts, (even the skeptical gifts).  The written form is not dead.  Handwritten thank-you’s, elaborate or simple, are always a well appreciated token. 

Sometimes the atmosphere drops after the holidays, but keeping riding off the energy.  Try entering the New Year with a kind act.  Now that everything is said and done, how did you end conclude this holiday season?  What tips do you have for wrapping up Christmas?  Let us know in the comments below.


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