Moving to China: Things I Didn't Leave Without

In preparation for my leave, I packed, unpacked and re-packed. Trying to squeeze my life and what I would need for a year or more into a suitcase, was more than a slight task. I still probably packed too many things; however, there were a few things, I could not leave without.

The Wig Supply

And yes you may laugh. The first thing I really thought about when going abroad was, “What am I going to do with my hair?!” I have a lot of it and I knew my hair care products would not be here. I did not want struggle while acclimating to new weather and a new routine. Honestly, I wasn’t going to go abroad and jack up my hair, going around looking like “who done it?”. So, I needed to set myself up with a full proof plan to not have any bad hair days.


Another must-have. I have read and watched, scowered and trodded, and the consensus is that I will not find my shade in any makeup store here. I do not wear a full face of foundation a lot, but for the days I do, I want to be prepared. So, I brought a tube of foundation and a couple of BB creams (I do where BB cream a lot).

Some Bottoms

There’s nothing like a snug pair of jeans. I have a hard time with jeans now and did not want to continue the fight abroad. I am small here, but I do not do straight jeans.

Medication for Possibly Anything

With a nurse practitioner for a mom, you can trust, I have a prescription for just about anything. Allergies, nausea, vertigo, ibuprofen, possible food poisoning. We were leaving with all our bases covered.

A Coloring Book What??? Yup. But not a child’s coloring book—an adult coloring book. The kind with intricate detail. I did forget coloring pencils though. So, I need to find some.

Tech Gear

Last, but not least, I needed my tech gear. All of it too: laptop, tablet, VPN, camera, equipment, adapters, cords, etc. I was techy back home. I will be a techy here too. I anticipate a lot of free time with the many festival days; which means plenty of time to practice and hone my skills.


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