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"There are many reasons to write with limitless topics.  It only makes sense to write what my hands lead me to..."

7 Tips for New Photographers

“A camera didn’t make a great picture any more than a typewriter wrote a great novel.” ~ Peter Adams All experts start somewhere. No one starts off as an expert. It’s a series and journey of knowledge acquisition and skill refinement. Those experts start at the beginning. They start by collecting and gathering information. They start by researching and looking into everything that concerns their interests. They start. That’s where it all begins, with that first action. For a photographer, it starts by picking up the camera and simply shooting. When we get out there and start our photography journey there are some tips we should keep in our back pockets. So, if you are just picking up a came

5 Ways to Capture Safe at Home

“There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself.” ~ Ernst Haas For many photographers, our photo sessions have been interrupted or brought to a screeching halt. Whether professional or hobbyist, our usual habits and practices with our craft have now been disrupted or nearly stopped. However, just because we may be stuck at home, restricted by practicing social distance, does not mean the creating has to end. This is not the time to put down the camera, but a time to develop and expand. This post will touch on ways to capture safely at home. Before I dive too deep into that topic though, I do want to interject in regard to business. For those who use p

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"Read a thousand books and your words will flow like a river."

~ Virginia Woolf

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